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Man brings ’emotional support clown’ to meeting where he gets fired

Only in New Zealand…


Siobhan Ball


After losing the Vodafone contract, New Zealand branding agency FCB had to make some cutbacks, including redundancies. One man decided to go out with unique, terrifying style and instead of bringing a representative or family member with him, he hired an “emotional support clown” to come along to his redundancy meeting. And people are loving it.

Maybe a little bit because it’s such a refreshing alternative to British and American news.

A few people think this stunt deserved a promotion.

There was a concerning fixation on balloon animal penises from some.

And of course, there were clown puns, because none of you can be trusted.

The internet’s weird feelings about Pennywise came out once more.

They also connected it to that other famous evil clown, the Joker.

Meanwhile, the only acceptable use of a “not all” hashtag appeared to defend other clowns from being tarred with the same brush.

Turns out the guy landed on his feet, as he has a position waiting for him and his advertising partner in an agency back in Australia. We’re sure that will work out well for all of them.

Seriously though, it probably will.


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