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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for November 2020

If you’re still feeling a sense of looming uncertainty, you’re not alone.


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Welcome to your November horoscope! Scorpio season, which always brings plenty of mystery and depth, arrived in the middle of two retrogrades. Mars (the ruler of passion, war, and how we assert ourselves) and Mercury (the ruler of communication, travel, and technology) were retrograde at the beginning of November. But Mercury stationed direct on Nov. 3 (that’s right, Election Day), and Mars is stationing direct on Nov. 13, so we should feel a bit more clarity and forward momentum soon.

If you’re still feeling a sense of looming uncertainty, you’re not alone, but trust that help is on the way. Also, if you’re waiting for answers, consider that delays and obstacles can be your friends. They may protect you from making poor choices—or they may offer you perspective. If you can’t move forward, try being still. The clarity you gain may surprise you.

The downside of Scorpio season is that we can get lost in our pain. We tell ourselves that the pain is all there is. But when Scorpio energy is in balance, it teaches us just how deep our resiliency goes. Scorpio is the phoenix that rises from the ashes. If it seems like everything is on fire or that all hope is lost, remember that purging what no longer serves you is often an important step on the path to rebirth.

Other Notable Transits:

On Nov. 12, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, will form a conjunction with Pluto, ruler of transformation. This alignment only happens once every 13 years. This year, with both planets in Capricorn, long-term stability and major goals will be front and center. You may feel a new dedication to achieving your goals. Or you may realize the goals you once saw as a top priority have totally transformed. Since Capricorn is an expert at earning and saving, we may see a shift in how we relate to our resources. We may also feel inclined to radically change how we share our wealth. Whatever issues of stability may be on your mind, it’s a good time to remember that sharing generously makes everyone richer in the end.

On Nov. 14, the new moon in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to sow the seeds of transformation. Whether you want to start a new creative project, heal an old wound, or simply make room for your feelings, the time will be right for fresh beginnings. On Nov. 30, the full moon in Gemini will encourage us to have fun, connect with friends, and open our eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Scorpio 📰😃🍀🤝😋

This month could bring lots of good news your way. If you’ve been toiling away at a difficult project, you may finally start to see results mid-month after both Mars and Mercury have stationed direct. When your ruler Pluto forms auspicious conjunction with merry-go-lucky Jupiter, you may find that you’re full of good cheer. Opportunities to connect with friends, both old and new, will be plentiful. So make the most of it. You tend to go into your shell as a reflex, but the truth is, you crave connection. Make sure you’re present for all the good cheer coming your way this month. Savor the moment.

Sagittarius 🐛🦋🏃‍♀️🛑💆

This month you may experience a transformation. You tend to experience change in leaps and bounds. You like to take big risks and jump into action. But this change will be quieter and more profound. You may realize you need time alone to tend to your feelings. Or you may discover that you are suddenly adept at helping a friend in need through a quiet struggle. People adore your spirited laughter, but your quiet attention will be extra valuable this month. So make sure you make time to slow down and pay close attention to the parts of you that are shifting.

Capricorn ⚡😃🤹😅🎁

You’ll get a major boost in energy and enthusiasm this month. You’re dutiful and hardworking, but you can be much too hard on yourself. This month reminds you to lighten up and make room for joy and play. If you’ve been juggling one too many responsibilities, slow down and reassess where you’re putting your energy. Can you put the worries you’ve been carrying aside and let others support you? What will happen if you let yourself rest and play? You may fear a loss of control, but the truth is, you’ve got nothing to lose but that bad mood. If big, lucky opportunities present themselves this month, welcome them! You don’t have toil and sweat for every good thing that comes your way. Sometimes good things just arrive when they do!

Aquarius 🎭🧐😎😩💗

When it comes to emotions, you tend to intellectualize your experience. Because of this, you may seem like you have a cool head from the outside. Deep down, however, you long to be understood. And the problem is, you can’t be heard if you can’t speak up. This month’s challenges at work may demand you to feel what you feel and express it plainly, without any bells or whistles. If you think speaking about your feelings will make you look unprofessional, think again. Wear your heart on your sleeve for a change. Your colleagues, or supervisors, will admire your vulnerable side as much as they admire the cool-headed you.

Pisces 👯🙋‍♀️🏊‍♀️🆘🛥️

Friendship and community will be on your mind this month. Where do you feel like you fit in? And how can you be of service to your greater community? The more you see yourself as part of something bigger right now, the more you’ll be able to keep your head above water. You have a tendency to daydream, and that isn’t a bad thing, but it can result in you spacing out a bit and feeling like you’re floating in a wide-open sea. If you look around, you’ll see that you’re not alone. There’s a school of fish. There’s a life preserver with your name on it. There’s a boat of friends who need your help steering this vessel to shore. 

Aries 🧠😌😤🐰😴

Be kind to your mind this month. Your power through anything attitude is great in battle, at the gym, or in a mad dash to a finish line! But that competitive fire inside you won’t take you far when you’re dealing with a troubled mind. Some difficult thoughts will come to the surface this month, and they’ll need your tender love and care. Whatever challenges you’re facing, remember to be gentle. Treat your mind like a timid bunny rabbit. If you shout, she’ll run away. But if you teach her she’s safe, she might just stop hopping around and give herself—and you—some much-needed rest!

Taurus 💞🤔🙅‍♂️💝👐

Partnership is important to you. Whether it’s love, work, or friendship, you like to know that there are people who you can depend on in a meaningful way. This month, you’ll also need to sort out what doesn’t work for you. Instead of clinging to someone because they’re familiar, or rushing into something new because you fear being alone, try to take stock of your values and how they apply to the kind of partnerships you want in your life. What are your musts, and what are your must-nots? When you get clear about your boundaries, you’ll discover you’re available to connect in a whole new way.

Gemini 🏃‍♀️🏆☕🥗🛀

Healthy routines are necessary for everyone, but they’re especially necessary if you’re going to keep up with the breakneck pace you’ve been setting for yourself. Whether it’s a bedtime tea, a morning stretch, making sure you eat your veggies, or investing in a weekly therapy visit, you need structures that keep you healthy and strong. You may be craving validation, but what will work best for you right now isn’t chasing status or a trophy. This month, give yourself the gift of self-care. 

Cancer 🎨🎶✍️🙃😂

Creative outlets are calling to you now. Whether it’s painting, poetry, or simply slapping together a new playlist, your soul is yearning for some art, some beauty, some romance! So take time to unwind and make something for the sake of making something. This month, it’s not about having an audience or reaching for a bigger goal; it’s about the process itself. When you dipped your fingers in paint as a child, you weren’t worrying about who would or wouldn’t tack your art up on the fridge. You were simply enjoying the cold, wet paint on your fingers and the colors on the page. Access that joy, and you’ll make something marvelous or messy—or marvelously messy. The outcome doesn’t matter as long as you do it.

Leo 🏡🧹🏰👑✨

It’s time to get your house in order. You may need to purge some old belongings or deep clean the corners of your home that you’ve been neglecting. Maybe you need to rearrange your furniture, or perhaps a whole new home base is in order! What matters right now is that you get to the root of what you need in your home life because changes are on the horizon, and you’ll only feel ready to meet them if you know you have a soft place to land. So invest some time and energy in making your home into the palace you deserve. This doesn’t have to mean big spending, but it does mean giving your home the kind of attention you’d bestow upon royalty. Take your time, and make it shine.

Virgo 📱🤯👀⚖️🎤

Communications with close friends and family may feel a bit screwy at the start of this month. If there are misunderstandings or bristled feathers, practice patience. Once Mercury and Mars have stationed direct, you’ll have a clearer handle on the situation. You have a keen eye for detail, and that may serve you well when you’re perfecting your projects, but be patient with those who exercise broad strokes. Their methods have value, too. Instead of going to war with them, think about how your styles can complement one another. You may realize the people you’ve been sparring with actually have gifts that balance you out. The more you appreciate your nearest and dearest for their authentic selves this month, the better your communication and connection will be.

Libra 😫🌪️💪💖😌

This month reminds you how important it is to know your worth. You may feel burnt out or drained from recent setbacks. Perhaps you’ve been overextending yourself at work or at home. Or you may have faced a crisis that left you doubting your strength. The truth is you are talented, valuable, and 100% worthy. Instead of admonishing yourself for your shortcomings, remind yourself of all the times you’ve been able to show up and get the job done. You can and you will do it again—but not because you have something to prove. Real self-worth is unconditional. It’s when you know you’re lovable exactly as you are. And you are.

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