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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for December 2020

Sagittarius season is all about making it to the other side.


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Posted on Dec 4, 2020   Updated on Dec 4, 2020, 10:17 am CST

Welcome to your December 2020 horoscope! Well, babes, we’ve almost made it through the long dark tunnel of this year. Sagittarius season is here, and she’s all about making it to the other side. If there’s anyone who knows there’s a light at the end of a long dark tunnel, it’s a Sag! They’ve also got what it takes to skateboard, shimmy, or sprint to that finish line. So if you’ve been feeling low, fear not. Help is on the way.

This doesn’t mean we should expect everything to suddenly feel easy. But this is a wonderful time to consider how we keep a small optimistic fire burning in the darkness. Sagittarius loves to celebrate, so gather around something that glows—even if that something is a Zoom screen.

It’s also the winter eclipse season, so be on the lookout for important messages and moments of inspiration. Eclipses uncover things that may have been hidden for too long. This energy can feel a little rocky, but if we’re willing to surrender ourselves to the process, all that upheaval can lead to more clarity or even a transformation of an area of your life where you previously felt stuck. But don’t expect your aha moments to come in the form of material gifts. Sagittarius is the philosopher, the wisdom-seeker, so if you’re looking for gold, look within!

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.


On Nov. 30, we saw a lunar eclipse in Gemini. How you felt this energy depends on where Gemini resides in your chart, but Gemini loves to explore truth, communication, and the coexistence of many, many simultaneous possibilities. This could feel uncomfortable, or it could bring a burst of fresh energy to the start of the month. Be on the lookout for places where communication suddenly seems open and available. Don’t be afraid to try new tactics. And, perhaps more importantly, don’t be afraid to let old ineffective habits die.

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 14 will provide fertile ground for new projects and new thoughts. Sagittarius loves to gamble, and this eclipse is well-aspected by Mars, a planet that wastes no time putting plans into motion. If you’ve been feeling down or wishing you had more energy to get things done, use this time to jumpstart your plan. Bet it all on yourself, and you’ll have nothing to lose.

Sagittarius 🏠😱💊👨✨

If anyone is tired of staying home, it’s you. You are up to your eyeballs in evites, but all you want is to hop on a plane to a far distant land. Please don’t. Seriously, I am begging you to stay home. You may be frustrated, but right now being still may be just the medicine you need. On Dec. 11, you’ll get a boost from Chiron, the wounded healer, in fiery Aries, which forms a harmonious sextile to your ruling planet, Jupiter, in fatherly Capricorn. If you’ve faced issues with the father figures in your life, or if you’re just sick and tired of the patriarchy, know that this is a special time. Be open to sitting with whatever needs to be healed right now and you’ll experience a powerful transformation. Pay close attention to how you use anger and aggression. Is it serving you? Are there safer ways to assert yourself? Find ways to tap into your fiery side safely, and you’ll feel as free as you would on that round-the-globe trip you’ve been dreaming up.

Capricorn ⌛😅✍️🧘🥰

This month, Saturn finishes its three-year visit to your sign. Slow-moving, serious Saturn rules your sign, so you tend to feel a heaviness in your days, but these three years may have felt extra heavy. Get ready to breathe a deep sigh of relief. Saturn will move into Aquarius on Dec. 17, leaving you lighter, freer, and far less self-serious. The first half of the month may feel like a difficult final push, but it’s a wonderful time to take stock of the lessons you’ve learned in the last three years. You may want to set aside time to journal, meditate, or find another way to reflect. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Pat yourself on the back. You deserve more praise than you give yourself.

Aquarius 📅😰🤔👩‍🔬💡

Saturn is gearing up to move into your sign on Dec. 17, where it will stay for a full three years. This means decisions may feel extra heavy now. But don’t worry, nothing is as do-or-die as it seems. This is simply the beginning of a powerful learning period. And you are an excellent, if unconventional, student! Instead of fretting over making the right choices, approach this time with a sense of curiosity. Who are you when you aren’t following your own rigid rules? What happens when you give yourself permission to experiment or to change course? Be the mad scientist you’ve always longed to be, and who knows, you may just make some earth-shattering discoveries!

Pisces 🔦🙈🌊🏊‍♀️☀️

You’ll face some challenges this month, Pisces. Perhaps you’re in the spotlight more than you’d like. Alternately, you may be wondering why the sun doesn’t shine on you quite so brightly as it does others. You have many special gifts, but you’re at your best when you swim beneath the surface, exploring the emotions and energies that can’t always be seen. This month, challenges you to bring all your deep-sea wisdom to light. The more you can express and share your discoveries, the more you can do what you really want, which is to help others and yourself to heal. Don’t be afraid to take up space this month. The world needs you.

Aries 😩🕰️😃💪👑

Chiron, the wounded healer, has been retrograde in your sign since July and will finally go direct on Dec. 15. This period has given you ample time to reflect on what hurts most. This could have been a difficult and painful process. You may have wanted to run or hide. But mid-month, you’ll see the payoff of all this soul-searching. You know yourself better now. You’re stronger, wise, and far more capable of showing up as your authentic self. So hold your head high, fix that crown, and strut your stuff. You’ve earned your new place in the sun.

Taurus 🌀🃏🤐❓🙅‍♀️

This month, everything seems difficult yet everything seems possible. Things are in flux, and while you prefer direct communication, a little ambiguity may serve you better right now than putting all your cards on the table. You prize honesty and people admire you for your ability to always stay true to your word. But you’re allowed to exercise a little discretion, too. Don’t feel you have to reveal your whole heart, or your whole truth to anyone who comes your way this month. It’s OK to explore the in-between. If you’re asked questions you don’t have the answers to this month, you can always say that you need more time. The people who are worth your energy will be willing to wait.

Gemini ⁉️🧐🤹⏳😜

Going with the flow is the name of the game this month. You tend to live in the moment, so this should be easy for you. The trouble is you also love to have all the facts and details clearly presented, and right now, they simply aren’t. Be patient with those who can’t give you answers right away. Timing is everything, and the right information will make itself available to you when it’s ready. In the meantime, enjoy dabbling in various possibilities. Explore your options. Instead of pulling your hair out over not having all your ducks in a row, see if you can find some pleasure in playing around with what-ifs!

Cancer 🏠💖❄️😠😅

Home is where the heart is, and this month, you’re busy feathering your nest. Comfort is important to you, so it makes sense that you’re determined to make your home a safe and snug place to be. As we get deeper into winter, and with the end of quarantine nowhere in sight, it’s natural that you want to create a sense of safety for yourself. But beware of your tendency to be particular to a fault. Things don’t have to be perfect to be functional. The more you can adopt an attitude of tolerance toward all the little things that don’t go quite right this month, the more resting and relaxing you’ll actually be able to do. The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi comes to mind. Look for the beauty in imperfections, and you’ll find it’s all around you.

Leo 😔🌱🌲💪👾

You may feel like you haven’t done much this year, Leo, but truth be told, you have grown by leaps and bounds. Fortified by your new strength, you may feel a sudden urge to pursue new adventures. Like Sag, I’m urging you to please, please stay home. But don’t hesitate to reach out digitally and take journeys that engage your mind. New ways of thinking and connecting are available to you now. Experiment, explore, and boogie down. 

Virgo 📝👍👎😩🥰

You’ll never admit it, but you keep a running tally of who’s shown up for you over the years. You remember every gift, every card, every favor. But you also remember all the ways people have fallen short. Here’s the real question: Does it hurt you or help you to catalog these details? If you’re feeling lonesome or letdown, the source of your troubles may not be a lack of support, but a lack of perspective. Consider looking at your friends and loved ones from a new angle. Instead of giving razor-sharp focus to all your disappointments, can you give the same attention to all the ways in which you’ve been loved and supported? Focus on the ones who love you best this month, and you’ll finally feel held.

Libra ⏲️😩💭🕺👯‍♀️

You are so tired of being patient, but patient is all you can be when things are on hold. This month, your reality may not look the way you’d like, but instead of wishing it away or plotting your imaginary escape, try adding a dash of creativity to your days. What can you do differently? When and where can you sign, dance, and play a little more? Bring your love of fantasy to the ordinary parts of your day. If you feel like you can’t be the bubbly one right now, turn to those who remind you how to laugh and play. The friends you love will show you the way.

Scorpio 👁️⛈️😎👀🌈

You like to envision worst-case scenarios and then say, “I knew it,” when things go poorly. But what about when things go your way? There’s a little ray of sunshine coming your way this month, and you’d be wise to bask in it while it’s here. Sure, there may be clouds on the horizon, but imagining they’re bigger and badder than they are will get you nowhere fast. Your biggest lesson this month is simply to show up for life as it is. You don’t have to imagine it’s better than it is, but don’t pretend it’s worse, either. Keep your eyes open to the world as it really is, and you just might see a rainbow.

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