Hand grabbing behind the wall(l), COntractor(c), Ouija board(r)


‘Nope. Back in the wall’: Electrician finds ouija board inside client’s wall

“The only correct answer.”


Sarah Kester


An electrician found something truly shocking inside the walls of a client’s home: a Ouija board. 

These are boards that are printed with letters, numbers, and other signs that people use to try and communicate with spirits. The viral video, which was posted by TikToker @mbaer118, shows the apprentice electrician sitting on the ground next to a wall that had been torn open.

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By Tuesday, @mbaer118’s video had over 1.3 million views.

“Another day, another fishing into somebody’s wall,” he says as he reaches into the wall and grabs ahold of a board. “What is this?” he wonders. 

The moment he flips it over and sees that it’s a Ouija board, he immediately says “nope” and puts it back.

“Nope, back in the wall. Never to be seen,” he adds. 

Commenters were on board with his decision. 

“THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER,” one user wrote. 

“You did a good thing just now,” another wrote.

Since some believe that even touching a Ouija board can be dangerous, a viewer advised him to leave well enough alone. “If you hear drumming inside the wall, no you don’t,” they advised.

A third joked about the electrician accidentally disturbing the ghosts or demons that were once summoned by the board. “A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON,” they wrote.

“‘So we found the source of the flickering lights, but I’m not qualified to fix it,’” a fourth quipped, referencing the common belief that spirits can communicate through electricity or lights. 

This isn’t the first time someone has documented the strange things they’ve found in a house. TikTok couple @geebeeTV gave viewers the chills when they recorded the secret room and “satanic” objects they found in a 1920s house they bought from an auction.

@geebeetv To summarise 😅…#renovation #oldhousetiktok #project #scary #creepy #haunted #mistake #ohno ♬ Oh No Oh No – Kreepi

The couple made these startling discoveries when they renovated the house. Hidden around the house were other strange objects, such as a bible hanging from a hook in the secret room and items stashed away in the walls. 

They also found an abandoned suitcase in the attic that had what appeared to be satanic ritual items inside.

The Daily Dot contacted @mbaer118 via TikTok comment. 

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