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‘It was completely pitch black’: DoorDash driver says she was assigned an order at a Taco Bell that didn’t exist

‘I’m still scared. I’m still shaken from this.’


Jack Alban


Posted on Jan 17, 2023

DoorDash driver and TikToker Kassi Nicole Goodwin (@getpoppinbro) has gone viral after posting about a delivery that sent her to a Taco Bell location that didn’t exist.

In the video, Goodwin explained that she was assigned to a Taco Bell order that was “requested by the merchant.” When she arrived at the supposed location of the Taco Bell, she was shocked to see that she was sent to a desolate area by a sketchy-looking building instead.

“There’s nothing. It’s a building. Lights are off, no lights on in the parking lot — it was completely pitch black, so I don’t stop,” she said.

Instead of exiting her vehicle to pick up a Taco Bell order from a building that was clearly not a Taco Bell, Goodwin decided to avoid the horror movie scenario altogether by removing herself from the order and leaving the area. She said that after she left, she received a call from a man — presumably the merchant who placed the order — who didn’t speak English well.

“So, from what I could understand that he said was he was upset that I didn’t stop and get out of my car,” Goodwin recalled. “And then he demanded that I turn around.”

The TikToker said the man commanded her to return to the location and get out of her car a second time, but she refused. Instead, she called a security company to inform them about the incident.

“So, I called ADT and was like, ‘Hey, this is the situation. I don’t feel safe. What do I do?’ And I got to a safe location at a gas station, and I’m still scared. I’m still shaken from this,” she said.

Goodwin also said she reported the incident to DoorDash so that other drivers wouldn’t receive any orders from the suspicious Taco Bell. According to her, the company flagged the account and warned other drivers of the situation.

“So, just be safe out there if you drive for like Uber Eats, or DoorDash, or Lyft, or whatever other apps there are out there now,” she concluded. “Just be safe.”

@getpoppinbro Bad Doordash Dasher Experience. Just stay safe out there!! #doordashdriver #doordash #badexperience #staysafe #staysafeeveryone #ADT #fyp ♬ original sound – Kassi Nicole Goodwin

In the comments section, many users applauded Goodwin for trusting her instincts.

“Good intuition! if you feel unsafe you probably are!” one viewer wrote.

“U did correct always be safe listen to your soul,” a second commented.

“Nothing good would’ve come from it. thank you for being smart!” another wrote.

Some viewers offered suggestions on what the TikToker could have done in the situation and how she can remain safe while completing future orders.

“You should have told him if you’re there then pick it up yourself and have the cops go get his ass!” one viewer suggested.

“Call the cops and let the cops know about it and they can watch the place,” a second advised.

“Always carry something with you Mace a knife or a gun,” another counseled. “I dashed in Downtown Phoenix and Central delivered in bad areas and almost had to draw be safe.”

Other users said they experienced similar situations while driving for DoorDash and other companies.

“I drive for DD as well and I have gotten an order for a Taco Bell that does not exist as well,” one viewer shared. “More than once. Something is going on. Glad you’re safe.”

“I went through the same thing working for dd they sent me to a location on the Carlisle pike that didn’t exist I showed up and their was nothing,” a second wrote.

“I had a subway order and the address led [me] straight to a house,” another claimed. “I called the merchant number and it was [not] in service… i unassigned and bounced!”

This isn’t the first time a DoorDash driver has reportedly been in a scary situation. In November of 2022, a Portland, Ore. DoorDash driver was the victim of an attempted carjacking. The assailant covered him in fuel and set him on fire with a blowtorch. Fortunately, the driver survived the incident.

The Daily Dot reached out to Goodwin via TikTok comment and to DoorDash via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2023, 7:31 pm CST