doordash driver confronts woman who tried to change order tiktok

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‘Why would you lie and say you didn’t get your food?’: DoorDash driver confronts customer for allegedly reporting them after receiving order

'The way she rolled her eyes ... like girl you tried it.'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Nov 21, 2022   Updated on Nov 21, 2022, 2:05 pm CST

A DoorDash employee claims a customer attempted to change their order after the food was already delivered—presumably to get a refund. But instead of letting the incident slide, the worker confronted the woman at her home. 

The driver recorded herself going to the customer’s house in a video posted to TikTok. Her video has over 110,000 views.

In the roughly one-minute clip, TikTok user @chrisjanothedon is seen getting out of her car before knocking on the customer’s door. It’s implied in the video’s text overlay that she’s already dropped food off at the same location.

@chrisjanothedon #doordashdriver #doordash #wrongone #crooks #gotyou ♬ original sound – IYKYK

“She tried to switch her order as soon as I delivered it,” the text reads. “I made it seem like I had her new order in my dash bag and it was really my purse.”

After the driver knocks, a woman named Yasmin opens the door. The driver then confirms that Yasmin is the one who placed the order before confronting her.

“Why would you lie and say you didn’t get your food?” the TikToker asks.

“I didn’t do that,” Yasmin replies.

“Why would you guys report to DoorDash? It’s people like you—” she starts before Yasmin rolls her eyes and begins shutting the door. 

“I haven’t done anything,” Yasmin attempts to say in response before the TikToker cuts her off.

“Yes, you did. You … guys don’t care about nobody’s family or nothing. Trash. Trash,” she says.

It’s unclear from the video what food Yasmin initially ordered versus what she attempted to change her order to after the fact. But several commenters surmised that she was trying to blame the TikToker for allegedly not getting her food in order to get a refund. 

“Then gon try ta close the door, you’re caught!!!!!” one user commented.

A number of commenters also applauded the TikToker for speaking up.

“You called her out in the most CLASSY way possible,” one commenter wrote. “You set the standard and you look DAMN GOOODT doing so!”

“Dangerous, but I feel you!!” another wrote. “That’s messed up. I bet a lot of people seeing this won’t try that now or again!!”

The Daily Dot reached out to @chrisjanothedon via TikTok comment and to DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Nov 21, 2022, 11:52 am CST