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‘This is absolutely ridiculous’: DoorDash customer claims she received letter from driver complaining about her 30% tip

'So tipped 33% and they're mad?'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 21, 2022

A DoorDash customer recently went viral on TikTok after blasting her driver for leaving a note criticizing the amount she left for a tip.

TikToker Katrina Dougherty (@katrinasoldit) shows a photo of a single sheet of paper that appears to have been printed for mass dissemination by the DoorDash driver who encounters folks who don’t tip them as much as they would like. The note states that anytime someone orders food delivery, they should give a minimum of $10 in gratuity regardless of the distance they are traveling.

Dougherty adds that the gave the driver a 30% tip ($5. 55) on the cost of her meal from an eatery only two miles from her home.

“So this letter was attached to my meal that I ordered on DoorDash last night,” Dougherty starts the clip, before elaborating on the contents of the letter.

“Basically, this letter is saying that all delivery expect a minimum $10 tip whether it’s one mile or ten miles,” she says. “I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and I didn’t even complain to DoorDash because it just made me laugh.”

The TikToker notes that she used to drive for DoorDash, and she “never expected a $10 tip.” She continued, “Shit, I was grateful if I got a $3 tip. Anyways I’m gonna leave this letter for you guys to read for yourself and you tell me what you think, am I the asshole in this situation?”

The TikToker then shows the letter, which is titled: “TIPPING THE DELIVERY DRIVERS.” Another line in bold underneath reads, “THE DRIVER IS NOT GETTING PAID FOR ANY OF THE TIME THAT THEY ARE STANDING WAITING FOR YOUR ORDER.” The text is also presented in Spanish below as well.

@katrinasoldit Honestly it’s hilarious. Who else is apart of the delivery driver association??? #doordash #wtf #lmao ♬ original sound – Katrina the Realtor

Throngs of viewers urged her to alter her tip to $0 after receiving the note. Others noted that Dougherty tipped more than the standard 20%.

“So they get around 5 orders an hour and get the flat rate pay depending on the area it’s different and want a $10 tip like that’s $50+ an hour,” one user argued.

“So tipped 33% and they’re mad????” another said.

Some pointed out parts of the letter that they thought were ridiculous, like the mention of a “Delivery Driver’s Association.” While the Daily Dot was not able to confirm the existence of this organization, some delivery drivers have begun organizing through organizations like Justice for App Workers.

“What he spent in paper and ink to print those and give them out probably cost more than the tip!” one viewer stated.

“He’s giving that to everyone he delivers to, I’m sure. But you should let DoorDash know,” another added.

“Why was I expecting a hand written note not a legal document,” a third shared.

Others said the DoorDash driver could’ve elected to not take the order and instead waited out for one with a $10 tip. One popular TikTok creator and delivery driver, @gigdoctor, frequently promotes this method for drivers to make more money.

“If he wanted a $10 tip why did he choose to deliver your order?” one viewer wrote.

“If they don’t like the compensation, find another job,” another commented.

A number of DoorDash drivers have complained about a lack of tips on social media in the past. Some claim they have fallen victim to “tip-baiting” practices, where customers have lied about giving them a tip in order to have their meals delivered to them faster, only to take back the tips they promised once the order is received.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Dougherty via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2022, 8:52 am CDT