woman describing why doordash orders take a long time


‘It happens way more than people realize’: DoorDash driver shares 3 reasons why customers’ food may be taking a long time

'Not your fault, but that's how DoorDash works.'


Phil West


Posted on Jan 31, 2023

A prolific TikToker who focuses on DoorDash content has come up with three reasons why customers’ food may be taking a long time to get to them. Depending on how dialed in you are with the DoorDash world, they’ll either come as thought-provoking surprises or make total sense.

Christina Tippett (@troublewiththetippetts), a creator and DoorDash driver based in the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre metro area of Pennsylvania, put the video up on the platform on Jan. 18.

It’s a minute of straight talk from Tippett, who walks through the list of, as the on-screen caption relays, “3 reasons your DoorDash order isn’t coming fast enough.”

She starts by introducing that she’s going to run through those three reasons, and points out, “And the last one’s the most important.”

First, she notes, “The restaurant didn’t even start your order until we got there. And it happens way more than people realize.”

@troublewiththetippetts No I am NOT saying you need to tip more, I’m just simply explaining how the system works. #dasher #doordash #dashing #dashersunite ♬ original sound – Tippett

Then, she notes the cost-benefit analysis factor for drivers, meaning no one is picking up the customer’s order due to the low pay. “The order payout wasn’t enough for the driver distance to get to the restaurant and to you in a good amount of time that makes it worth their pay,” she says.

As Tippett breaks it down, “So a lot of people think, ‘Oh, I’m ordering from a restaurant. It’s only two miles from my house. So I’m only going to tip $5.’ Which is fine. That’s your prerogative. That seems like an okay tip. However, if there’s only two door Dashers and there are currently 20 or 30 miles from your house, they have to drive to the restaurant and then to you. And if the payout is like $6 They’re probably going to deny it.”

She then emphasized, “Again, not your fault, but that’s how DoorDash works.”

In the comments section, she noted that in big cities with multiple drivers, it’s different than the less populated areas like where she’s based.

And the third reason? Customers not having visible addresses.

She explains, “If your house number isn’t easily visible, or if it’s getting dark out, or if you didn’t give good instructions where they give you that option, it can take you up to 10 minutes to find you sometimes.”

Tippett told the Daily Dot in a text exchange Tuesday morning that she’s been driving for DoorDash for just a few weeks, but is already getting insights about the platform that she wanted to share with customers. Reactions to this video in particular made her aware of, as she put it, “The fact that many people don’t know how little DoorDash drivers get paid.”

She noted, “I never realized how little DoorDash paid their drivers or the fact that ‘minimum wage’ doesn’t apply to a profession like this, and that has been proven with the fact that there have been days when I have made less than minimum wage and that doesn’t count wear and tear on my car or gas mileage.”

“I think it’s a great option for people that don’t have any source of income, but you have to learn which jobs to accept and which jobs to deny because sometimes driving 15 miles isn’t worth $4, when gas costs $3.76 a gallon,” she concluded.

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*First Published: Jan 31, 2023, 9:14 am CST