Domino's employee speaking caption 'showing the weirdest Dominos delivery instructions' (l) Domino's delivery car topper (c) delivery instructions on small papers 'SHOUT OVER SIDE GATE' 'ILL BE OUT THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL IN A RED HOODIE' (r)

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‘How are people confident enough to ask a stranger to do that?’: Domino’s driver shares ‘the weirdest’ delivery instructions they’ve received

'Knock and go.'


Phil West


Posted on Jan 11, 2023

A TikToker and Domino’s Pizza delivery driver showed how odd and specific requests can be from customers ordering pizzas can be.

The video comes from creator Holly Laing (@lowkeyhollylaing), and it’s gathered more than 250,000 views in less than 24 hours on the site. Viewers have jumped in to remark on not only the weirdness of the requests—but what the requests say about the personalities of those making them.

The creator started the video by saying, “So, as a Domino’s delivery driver, you get the delivery instructions on a little slip, so that when you go to deliver the pizza, if the customer has given any instructions, then you can see that on the slip.”

Then, she dove right in, noting, “I’m going to show you some of the weirdest and craziest delivery instructions that I got working there.”

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She begins with one that instructed her to “shout over side gate.”

“They told me to shout over the side gate instead of knocking on their door,” Laing says. “That is literally what they told me to do. I did not do that, because I’m not going to do that.”

The TikToker then reveals an instruction that noted, “I’ll be out the front of the school in a red hoodie.” As Laing remarks, “How weird does that sound?”

“He actually was,” she went on to say. “I had to deliver to, not an address, to a school gate and he was literally standing there waiting in a red hoodie.”

After commenting on the complexity of one instruction that read, “Into car park, turn left, follow around the back, 2 big silver gates, call on arrival,” Laing reveals one that simply read, “Knock and go.”

“How rude is that, knock and go?” she exclaims. “Like, they obviously didn’t want me waiting at the door. But this was like COVID time. You had to wait for them to answer the door. You can’t just leave it on their porch. I don’t think you can even do that now. So I couldn’t knock and go, unfortunately for them.”

Finally, she shows maybe the saddest of them all: A request that read, “Say happy belated birthday to Mrs. Liew from Nick.”

“His angle is horrible,” she declares. “Their delivery instruction was for me to say happy birthday to someone.”

Commenters latched on to different elements in the video, with many appearing to enjoy this glimpse into delivery driver life.

“OMG, ‘Shout over side gate,’” one person remarked. “How are people confident enough to ask a stranger to do that?”

A fellow delivery driver shared some additional odd requests. “Had one a few weeks ago that said, ‘Batman can in the garden,” they claimed. “Literally no idea what it meant as there was nothing with Batman in the garden.” They also shared another instance: “Also had one that specifically asked me to ‘knock 6 times,’ pretty odd,” which elicited a “HAHAHA” response from the creator.

Several commenters came to the platform specifically asking Laing if she delivered the happy belated birthday wishes. She did not.

One commenter brought their own personal ax to grind, noting, “My Domino’s driver never rings the bell despite the note I leave asking him to ring the bell.”

The creator said, possibly grasping the irony as she typed it, “Yeah, some drivers don’t read the instructions.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Laing via TikTok comment and Domino’s via email.

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*First Published: Jan 11, 2023, 11:06 am CST