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‘Literally says at the bottom of the receipt’: Dollar Tree customer won’t take ‘no’ for an answer while returning item

‘She wanted a problem.’


Melody Heald


Difficult customers are everywhere when you’re working retail. Especially when they’re trying to get you to ignore store policy.

In a re-enactment video that racked up over 108,000 views, a thorny Dollar Tree customer doesn’t understand that the store doesn’t do returns. The clip, from user @theactnklass, features her voice as she films her checkout stand. Immediately, @theactnklass and the customer are off to a bad start when she asks how the customer is doing and she responds with, “I’m returning it.”

“We don’t do returns at Dollar Tree,” the TikToker says.

The conversation goes in circles, with both the TikToker and customer arguing about returns. The customer can’t wrap her mind around the fact Dollar Tree doesn’t do returns, alleging other stores do. Over and over again, @theactnklass explains Dollar Tree doesn’t do returns, as it’s against store policy. 

“Dollar Tree policy is you have to do an exchange to get money back,” @theactnklass explains.

@theactnklass gets a manager involved, who reinforces what the TikToker said. The customer doesn’t understand this and the TikToker offers to explain in “elementary terms.” This ignites another dispute, as the customer now says that @theactnklass is rude.

@theactnklass here we go again this woman seems to FOLLOW me @Aurthor Ambery Antoinette🦋 EVERYWHERE I work 🙃 😒 #CustomerService #SmileWitME #thèactnklass ♬ damn Right – AUDREY NUNA

The issue is finally resolved when the customer asks for her items—and heads off to another Dollar Tree.

According to the replies from @theactnklass in the comments section, this is was just a reenactment, explaining how she creates “relatable content.” 

“a real reenactment,” she wrote, “thank you we appreciate you watching though we CREATE relatable content.”

However, many people in the comments believed this was real and still sided with the TikToker.

“Omg why are people so difficult?” one user asked.

“she wanted a problem,” a second said.

“Why do people have to be so mean and problematic?! They DON’T do returns!” a third commented.

“I was an assistant manager at dollar tree I hated these type of people . Literally says at the bottom of the receipt lol,” a fourth stated.

Despite the video being staged, the Dollar Tree policy is real. According to its website, the store doesn’t offer refunds and “all sales are final.” However, it will do exchanges if the item is unopened and the customer has the original receipt. The same thing applies to online orders: If the transaction is incomplete or the items are damaged, Dollar Tree will fix the problem.

The Daily Dot reached out to @theactnklass for comment via TikTok comment.

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