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‘He went home to save his marriage’: Woman’s date ghosts her on trip

'Run up his tab and meet someone else!'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 30, 2023

A woman has the internet in an uproar after sharing how her date ghosted her while on a trip.

TikToker Chandler (@chanzandchill) first shared her dating horror story on Sunday. In a viral video that by Wednesday had been viewed more than 2.9 million times, she claims that the man who paid to fly her out to Miami for their second date ghosted her.

@chanzandchill Ill keep yall updated #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

She says this happened after the man, Ronnie, said that he had to go to lunch to see his sister whom he hadn’t seen in two years. But when the TikToker messaged him around 1:10pm to remind them about their own lunch reservations, she didn’t hear back. 

After sending a few more messages—including an angry one about disrespecting her time—she finally got a response.

He texted, “Im wrong for not being back as I said I would. I just got some pretty devastating news while having lunch.”

After going back to their hotel room and taking a nap, she realized that his stuff was gone. “I was, like, did he come get his stuff while I was taking a nap. Like that is so disrespectful,” Chandler pondered. 

Another smoking gun was the wet washcloth in the shower, which led her to believe that in addition to packing up his stuff and leaving without saying goodbye, he also showered. 

Chandler ended her video by saying that she planned to get revenge on the ghost by running up room service on his tab.

Many women in the comments were all for this form of revenge. 

“RUN UPPPP THAT ROOM SERVICE!!!!” a woman shared. “Girl forget him! run up his tab and meet someone else! his loss,” another wrote.

“The way I would be buying drinks for everyone at the pool,” a third commented. 

Others shared that the first red flag was the man flying her out for their second date. 

“Vacation together on your 2nd date??? girl…” this woman wrote with a laughing emoji.

“Going on a vacation with him on 2nd date? Don’t do that anymore. Lots of psychos out there,“ another shared.

While many theories were tossed around on why the man had disappeared, the one people found most probable was that he was married. 

“He went home to save his marriage,” this person wrote. 

“He is definitely married, his wife told him to come home,” another commented. A third commented, “The devastating news is that his wife found out.”

Since her original video went viral, Chandler has shared several video updates on the situation. In the latest one posted on Tuesday, she shares several of her texts with Ronnie. 

@chanzandchill Replying to @CP update and receipts of my Dating horror story #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

One screenshot shows her comforting him after he shared that he had just received devastating news while at lunch with his sister. The last message he sent her read, “I’ll be fine,” when she asked, “Hey is everything gonna be ok with you.”

After Chandler said that she plans to reach out to the man again, many people in the comments adamantly advised against it.

“Girl no answer IS AN ANSWER,” someone wrote. “Why in the world would you reach out,” seconded another.

“No more updates pls,” a third shared. “Leave that man alone and enjoy the free vacay.”

A woman who has been in a similar situation had some advice: “Girl something similar happened to me and my advice is let him be,” @gracebook wrote. “He was already rude, no need to humiliate yourself more.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Chandler via email. 

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2023, 4:59 pm CDT