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Newsletter: Little Caesar’s order mistake goes viral

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Andrew Wyrich


Posted on Jan 5, 2023   Updated on Jan 6, 2023, 8:17 am CST

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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

We’re almost at the end of the week, and to help you get there we’ve got top stories about: A woman using AirTags to track her lost luggage across town, how Louisiana residents will now need an ID to watch NSFW content online, President Biden’s FCC pick getting re-nominated (again), and a bizarre mistake by Lil Caesar’s pizza that is going viral. 

After that, our Politics Reporter Claire has her “Dirty Delete” column about Alex Jones. 

See you tomorrow! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today’s top stories

A traveler tracked her missing luggage across town with an AirTag after United told her it was at a distribution center

A Twitter user is accusing United Airlines of lying about the whereabouts of her lost luggage in the wake of the massive delays and travel disasters this holiday season.


Louisiana residents now need a government-issued ID to watch NSFW content

Viewing adult content in the southern state now requires people to prove they are over 18.


Gigi Sohn renominated to FCC by President Biden

It’s still unclear if she can get through the Senate, though she now faces an easier path.


‘Right now, I’m eating just pizza crust’: Customer receives Lil Caesar’s pizza without any cheese or sauce

A TikToker’s bizarre experience with the pizza chain is going viral, with people flabbergasted at how the chain got their order so wrong


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🗳️ Dirty Delete

By Claire Goforth

Alex Jones rode conspiracy theories to the top

In each edition of web_crawlr we have exclusive original content. On Thursdays our Politics Reporter Claire Goforth goes deep on the social media history of politicians in her “Dirty Delete” column.  If you want to read columns like this before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to you inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

📦 This video showing an alleged former boss at U-Hall yelling at the staff is leaving viewers taken aback

🎂 A customer filmed a UPS delivery man chucking her cake delivery onto their porch. 

🚗 A TikToker’s video allegedly showing them being kicked out of a Lyft has sparked hefty criticism from viewers on the platform.

🍊 One guest at a Holiday Inn is calling out the hotel for allegedly serving rancid orange juice to guests.

🏀 Take a look back at the best ESPN documentaries 2022 had to offer. Here’s why you should watch them.

💸 A Discount Tire customer is going viral on TikTok after sharing that they came home with only two new tires after paying $600 for a full set.

🌐 From the Daily Dot archive: Is there a First Amendment right to assemble in the metaverse?

☕ This Target employee is going viral for sharing how they were unexpectedly put behind the counter at an in-store Starbucks

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👋 Before you go

A viral TikTok shows the voicemail that one woman, dubbed a “Karen,” left after calling a valet workplaceto report bad behavior.

The TikTok posted by one of the valet employees, shows a handful of other workers listening to and laughing at the voicemail. As of Sunday, the video has garnered 1.6 million views.

In the video, the employees gather around an answering machine landline phone as the Karen’s voicemail played on speaker.

workers listening to voice message (l) workers listening to voice message from phone on table (c) workers listening to voice message (r)
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*First Published: Jan 5, 2023, 10:30 am CST