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C Y B E R S C O P E S: Your horoscope for January 2022

Capricorn season is here to supervise you as work toward your goals.


Royal Sumikat


Posted on Jan 5, 2022   Updated on Jan 6, 2022, 4:16 pm CST

Feeling the pull to materialize your ambitions? Capricorn season is here to supervise you as you strengthen your discipline and work toward your goals and aspirations.

Coming back down to earth from Sagittarius season’s wild adventure, the sea-goat is patiently waiting by the drawing board with your planner, calendar, and vision board ready.


Ruled by Saturn, the third and final earth sign of the zodiac is associated with discipline, determination, and practicality. Capricorn’s symbol is a mythical creature, Enki—half fish, half goat. The fish part of the creature represents the depths of our being, passion, intuition, and our soul. The goat represents intelligence, curiosity, steadfastness, and the ability to thrive in difficult environments. The goat climbs steep mountains slowly and carefully, seeking higher vistas.

This fusion represents the duality of our spiritual and our earthly experience. Through the integration of our deepest essence and passion with our labor and discipline, it is a possibility to manifest the highest aspirations we have for ourselves.


Meditate on these questions this month:

  • Where in life do you feel you lack discipline? Where are you most disciplined?
  • Where can you relieve stress in your life through planning?
  • What do you make time for versus what you wish you had time for?
  • Where does your passion lie on your priority list?

On Jan. 2, the new moon joins the sun in Capricorn. Use this energy to ritualize intentions related to getting more disciplined, improving focus, and jumpstarting projects you lost steam for but want to pick up again. It’s no accident that new year’s resolutions are planned during Capricorn season! 


On Jan. 17, the first full moon of 2022 falls in the sign of Cancer and opposes Pluto. These aspects may bring up fears surrounding security, stability, and things in our lives coming to an end. This is a great time to review the progress of our new moon intentions. What can we do (within our control) that could provide more stability in the home?

Throughout the month of January, there will be four planets in Capricorn, including Venus in retrograde until Jan. 29. Here, Venus invites us to take inventory of our values, our relation to money, labor, and rest. Often, we tend to think of focus and discipline in regards to our labor and production but not toward taking care of ourselves, being present for our loved ones, and realizing when we’re at capacity. Cultivating the focus to make time for rest and joy is a theme during this retrograde.

Please note: These horoscopes, like memes, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.


Sagittarius season sent you on a mental journey in relation to the patterns in your life creating the future for you. As the sun moves into the most public part of your chart, Capricorn is urging you to take last month’s lessons and materialize patterns by creating structures, boundaries, and rules that will lead you to a future you envision. This house also rules the part of ourselves that yearns for recognition. What kind of contribution will leave a mark? At the same time, Venus retrograde in this house asks you to evaluate your relationship to work: your spiritual work, the labor that provides you income, and the obligatory duties you have to your loved ones. What is most prioritized?


Sagittarius season had you studying the occult mysteries as you gradually transitioned out of the depths of the underworld. As the sun travels through your house of higher mind and expansion, your focus is still on your studies, but the subject is now turned to your passions. The cosmic sea-goat invites you to observe your passions and determine which way you learn them best so you can then relay by teaching. One of the hard lessons of this transit is the assumption that one has reached the point of complete understanding. Venus retrograde in this house invites you to be open to new discoveries about yourself and the world; your experiences are mere guidelines and not shackles to familiar ideas.



The cosmic archer asked you to meditate on your relationships. Where did your arrows land with your partnerships? As the Capricorn sun illuminates the house of taboo and transformation, it brings into focus finances, possessions, and values you share with others. It is not enough to know who you are and how you relate to others; you must also come to terms with the values of those around you: your relations, institutions, and communities you belong to. The challenge is learning to live constructively with your values while navigating conflicting values—and without compromising your individuality. How have you navigated this in the past? What has worked?


The adventurous centaur asked you to focus on your health and personal work despite the need to blow it off last month, Cancer. This month, Capricorn draws your attention from your inner world and out into your social world. This is a time to experience yourself through one-on-one encounters with others. With Venus retrograde in the same sign, it is also a great time to observe expectations your close relationship put on you and vice versa. Do you feel constricted? Some may experience realizations that certain connections will end because they demand more than they’re worth. 


The adventurous archer invited you to showcase your innermost self through your creative potential last month, Leo. As the Capricorn sun travels through your house of routines and organization, you are being asked to take on reparenting responsibilities that may seem overwhelming at first but are necessary you want to preserve your health, be effective in the service of others, and avoid burnout. Adjusting your sleeping schedule by waking up earlier feels agonizing but is necessary. Preparing meals instead of ordering in is laborious but saves money and time in the long run. Remember, not everything that hurts is bad.



Last month, Sagittarius put focus on where your inner peace lies in relation to what you consider home. This month, the cosmic sea-goat invites you to create discipline around self-expression, creativity, and play. How can discipline and play merge together? Growing up in a capitalist society, we are made to believe play is only for children, that once we become adults, work and checking milestones off the grown-up list become the priority. But play and self-expression are vital to our mental, spiritual, and overall health. This month, create structure and discipline around joy and creativity. Just as you schedule appointments or create notifications for work tasks, make time for play.


Last month, the cosmic centaur had you doing some fall cleaning on old, obsolete thought patterns and attitudes. This month, the sun visits your innermost personal and domestic life where Capricorn is settling in to supervise the work waiting for you in this arena. Any issues you’ve been ignoring in this realm will seem more apparent now, whether it is conflict boiling with loved ones, house repairs that can no longer be put off, or a complete reshuffling of personal relationships. Take some time and effort on this. Home is not only the physical location we live in but a state of mind, a place in others, and where we experience safety.



Sagittarius season had you meditating on what you consider valuable, Scorpio. This month, the cosmic sea-goat is pulling you toward building discipline around your communication, thoughts, attitudes, and habits. The way you listen to others and relay messages (written, verbal, or non-verbal) are all under a microscope this month. This is the perfect time to observe how your mind formulates thoughts and ideas and how they travel into the world. When communicating, are your ideas easily received, or do you need to clarify what you mean? The lesson this month is to build discipline through journaling, observing daily habits, and processing what you want to communicate.


Your solar return was spent decluttering, experiencing new things in solitude, and feeling secure in your skin. This month, the theme is building discipline around what you value. The decluttering done last month left you with space and realizations on what you consider valuable. This lesson isn’t just about considering what material things you value but relationships, morals, and anything that takes up a significant amount of your time and energy. Unhappiness about value can stem from the disparity between what you think you should want and what you do want.



Happy solar return, Capricorn! This transit represents new beginnings and internal growth. As the sun travels through your house of first impressions, you are shedding away aspects of your life that no longer play a valid role. This is the perfect time to start new, long-range projects in your life that could be years in the making. Will it be a garden? A memoir? Savings for a new house? At the same time, while you are cultivating this outer world, introspection is necessary. Where in your inner and outer world would you like to restructure? Focus on what’s most important and do not overcommit. Making time for joy should also be prioritized.



Sagittarius season invited you to focus on your friendships and community connections. This month, the decks are cleared for new action as Capricorn invites you to finish up projects and tie loose ends. With Saturn-ruled Cap traveling through your house of unraveling, it may feel constricting and difficult to take a project to the finish line, but circumstances will compel you to. Observe that what used to be successful for you in the past may no longer work or may need major adjustments. Keep your eyes on how far you’ve come and not what you may consider shortcomings. Remember, everything has its seasons. Just as one should not expect trees to bear fruit in the dead of winter, we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be productive when we require rest. 



The cosmic archer brought attention to your profession and reputation, Pisces. This month, Capricorn is putting the focus on integrating your individual self within a group dynamic. Whatever group you belong to will require inner work and discipline in order to become integrated. If you find it difficult to work with others, cooperate, or let people take the lead, this month is the perfect time to work on cooperation. This is also a time to take inventory of the work you’ve done to achieve your hopes and wishes, what works, what you planned for, and where you are in this journey versus where you want to be.


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*First Published: Jan 5, 2022, 11:12 pm CST