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C Y B E R S C O P E S: Your horoscope for February 2022

Aquarius season bears gifts of innovation.


Royal Sumikat


Is your mind teeming with inventive ideas this month? Aquarius season bears gifts of innovation to propel us toward an equitable, joyous, and bright future.


Elevating above earth after Capricorn’s magnetic pull, Aquarius, the water bearer, is ready to hand you a lab coat, protective eyewear, and a cauldron as you mix science and magic to create your dream world.

Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the third and final air sign of the zodiac is associated with radical individuality, originality, and enlightenment. Aquarius’ symbol is the water bearer, which is why it is often mistaken as a water sign. In mythology, water symbolizes our emotions and feelings—but the water bearer keeps it contained in a vessel, deciding when and how much to pour. 

People may then assume Aquarians are aloof, but having a ritual container for emotions means providing a space to pour these emotions into; this could mean using emotions to drive passion, ambition, and creativity. Uranus is the secondary ruler of Aquarius, which is the planet of rebellion, dynamic change, and progress. These energies invite us to get uncomfortable, destroy the status quo, and invent the future we dream of.

Meditate on these questions this month:

  1. What part of your life is in need of a jumpstart?
  2. If your younger self met you now, what would they like about you the most?
  3. Considering your strengths, what is the best way you can serve your community?
  4. What ideas do you want to bring to fruition?

On Jan. 31, we experienced a second new moon in the month of January joining the sun in Aquarius. Use this energy to ritualize intentions related to community, friendships, creativity, and originality. This could be speaking to your co-workers about organizing, handing out food or warming items to community members in need, or taking the first leap on that hobby you’ve been wanting to start.

The full moon in Capricorn on Feb. 16 is a favorable time to focus our concentration and discipline on the intentions we’ve created during the new moon. Let this energy assist you in following through with your plan. How did you bring your creative idea into the material world? What are the needs of the communities you are a part of? What do you need to clean up in order to make space for your joy?

Mercury stations direct on Feb. 3 in Capricorn. This is an auspicious time to pick up the pieces on missed communications, take on opportunities for learning, and apply realizations revealed during Mercury’s retrograde transit in Aquarius. 

Please note: These horoscopes, like memes, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.


Capricorn season had you creating structures and boundaries to create a future you envision. Since both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, and the water bearer’s co-ruler is Uranus, the work you did during last season will be expanded this month. This transit encourages you to try new lifestyles and meet new friends. It also increases the likelihood of encountering folks who will challenge your old mindsets and help achieve goals you didn’t even dream of when you were thinking conservatively. How flexible are you willing to be?


Capricorn season had you focused on your passions and observing ways you soak up knowledge. This month, the water bearer puts a magnifying glass on the way you express your identity in the world, as well as your social status, reputation, and profession. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion and sudden changes, Aquarius is challenging these areas of your life. If an aspect becomes restrictive, stale, or no longer providing opportunities for growth or new experience, it’s time to dump it. At the same time, keep your ear to the ground, and pay attention to subtle signs as opportunities in these arenas may pop up. There may be a high chance of a career change or major realizations that life is too precious to stay in a job that prevents you from living your best self—regardless of pay.


Capricorn season had you re-evaluating your finances, going through your possessions, and meditating on the values you share with those around you. This month, the water bearer provides you with the opportunity to greatly expand your awareness and insights of the world through radical learning and challenging the rigid views that we’ve been indoctrinated with. Remaining flexible will attract you to new and stimulating ways of thinking and learning. Our education system provides information through a teacher/student, top-down approach, where only the student is learning, and the teacher has power because “they know more.” Aquarius challenges this dynamic.


Capricorn had you cleaning house in your social world, Cosmic Crab. This month, the water bearer brings focus to your house of taboo. Expect the unexpected this month as things, people, and ideas from your past life fall away, and you begin the first stages of a new era. Pay attention to finances and resources you share with others. Plan so that you are not as dependent on your business or romantic partners, and they’re not shouldering responsibilities you should be taking on. Restrictions you have imposed on yourself may become intolerable now—which means it’s a perfect time to break away from them.


The Cosmic Sea Goat had you reparenting yourself by establishing routines and organizing your life last month, Leo. This month, Aquarius pours water on your one-on-one relationships. Some of your connections may experience a gentle flow that revitalizes the relationship; others may feel a tidal wave is washing them away. Even in the best relationship, Aquarius transiting this house signifies a time to make changes and reassess where one stands with this connection. Pay close to attention to conflicts, ways you receive and provide communication, and disruptions to an otherwise harmonious relationship. The water bearer is asking you to figure out what kind of changes you need to make in order to liven up your relationships.


Last month, Capricorn’s energy asked you to build up discipline around play. This month, the water bearer is asking you to do something similar but on the opposite side of the spectrum: assess your attitude and relationship toward work. Taking what you’ve learned through prioritizing play will be incredibly helpful for you this month, Virgo. Aquarius shows you opportunities where you can free yourself from the excessive demands of things that you consider labor. It’s time to make changes in your life where you feel obligations have become unbearable and toxic. Are you experiencing challenges at your workplace with very little return? Do you work long hours while barely making a livable wage? Remember you are not alone; Aquarius invites you to find your communities where you labor. You are stronger together.


Last month, Capricorn supervised the work you were doing in your domestic life. This month, the water bearer transits your house of creativity and self expression. If you have been thinking about picking up a new hobby, showcasing your work for the first time, or transforming your wardrobe to align with your creative ideas, this is the time. If you’re already an artist, your mind will be teeming with new ideas, you will be called to new inspirations, and you may approach your craft with new eyes. This transit will provide you with the opportunity to redefine yourself in creative ways.



Last month, Capricorn pulled you toward building discipline around communication, thoughts, attitudes, and habits. This season, the water bearer transits the most personal and intimate aspects of your life: your home and your family. Whatever lessons you learned last season should be applied here. If you have a harmonious connection with anything relating to the home, this transit will reenergize and reaffirm. Perhaps you land the house of your dreams, the renovation you’ve been saving up becomes possible, or you rekindle a relationship with a family member. If there are tensions or problems in this area of your life, the best way to benefit from this transit is to become flexible and allow new ideas in your most personal world. Your ego may shatter as rigid structures are challenged. Break free from old patterns and reestablish your roots.


Last month, Capricorn’s team built discipline around what you value. During Aquarius season, the water bearer pours into the part of your life that involves encounters with your neighbors, friends, relatives, and intellectual pursuits. Observe the tempo of events in your daily life. Routines and communications will suddenly be important and something you can’t take for granted. These little details in your mundane conversations and exchanges in communication will contain the seeds of change that will transform you if you let them. Trust in the process: When you ask for a sign, do not expect extravagance but a soft whisper inviting you to pay attention.


Your solar return last month presented new beginnings and internal growth. This month, the water bearer pours into the part of your chart that deals with finances and all things that you value. This transit could mean that your values are changing. The values you are finding important are different from your old values. Growth may be responsible for this change. If you are starting to feel you don’t own your possessions, it’s the other way around; this transit will provide you with the insights to process and work toward freeing yourself from this. Observe where you are yearning for change in your material life: Is it money? Possessions? Where you live? Where you work?


Happy solar return, water bearer! Last month, Capricorn invited you to finish up projects and tie loose ends. For your season, you are radically redefining your relationship with the outside world. Old patterns are breaking down, while new ones are being erected. Limitations you’ve placed upon yourself are no longer comfortable or acceptable for you. For some, this may feel difficult or even upsetting. But remember, water bearer, these are just growing pains. Ask yourself if the things you’re trying to hold on to is keeping you from new experiences. These experiences are necessary for growth and expansion. It’s your time to shine!


Last month, Capricorn put focus on integrating your individual self within a group dynamic. During Aquarius season, the water bearer transits your house of unconscious and undoing. The effects of this transit may be subtle as it deals with the unconscious mind. Pay close attention to possible manifestations of sudden events that are a direct result of past actions you’ve forgotten about. Observe and hold yourself accountable when you act on impulse or notice your compulsive behavior. The house of undoing rules is in the part of the unconscious mind that suppresses experiences the conscious mind finds difficult. Aquarius invites you to work toward being present so you can process these accordingly. 

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