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‘Crudo literally means RAW. Like don’t order it if you don’t know what it is’: Customer sends back dish for being raw. They ordered Crudo

'Am I the only one who Googles food that they don't know before ordering??'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Nov 29, 2022

It’s not uncommon for a server to have to return a dish to the kitchen. Maybe the meal wasn’t up to the customers’ standards; maybe the food contained allergens of which the customer was not previously aware.

Regardless of the specifics, in most cases, kitchens will be understanding and happily take back the dish to prepare the food in the way the customer desires.

However, restaurants will sometimes have dishes sent back for being exactly what was promised on the menu. One such case of this recently garnered attention after it was posted on TikTok by user Kevin (@keviinnnn_).

In a video with over 626,000 views, Kevin shows a server who claims that a table sent back a dish because they “don’t eat raw food.” The only problem? They ordered Crudo, a raw food dish that literally translates to “raw.”

@keviinnnn_ Crudo literally means RAW🤣 like don’t order it if you don’t know what it is bruh #seeverproblems #serverlife #serverstories ♬ original sound – Kevin

In the comments section, users advised restaurant guests to simply ask their server for clarification about a dish if they don’t know what it is, preventing future incidents like these from occurring.

“If you don’t know what you’re ordering you should probably ask your server about it,” wrote one user.

“Am I the only one who googles food that they don’t know before ordering??” asked another.

Other users shared similar stories from their time working in restaurants.

“Last month a guest ordered Veal Bolognese – when it arrived they were like I can’t eat this I’m a vegetarian,” claimed a user.

“I was a server at a restaurant that served Steak Tartare, and customers would constantly yell at me when it came…. Even though I told them what it was,” alleged a second.

“I had a man order ceviche and AFTER he was eating it said ‘does this have lime juice? I’m allergic to citrus’ ummmmm,” stated a third.

“Got screamed at because the sangria I gave a lady had ‘too much wine,’” recounted a fourth.

Some users advised fellow servers to be direct about what a dish is to ensure situations like these don’t happen again.

“As a server of ten years I know to explain anything like this to the client,” suggested a commenter. “‘Thats a raw dish, is that okay?’”

In case viewers were wondering, Kevin said that the team were able to enjoy the uneaten food.

“Oh we ate it,” Kevin wrote. “Did not go to waste LOL.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Kevin via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2022, 9:52 am CST