Worker says she was fired from Culver's for being an introvert

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‘I just wanna get my work done, please don’t force me to engage in pointless convos’: Worker says she was fired from Culver’s for being an introvert

'I'm just trying to make money and go home.'


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Posted on Feb 26, 2023   Updated on Feb 26, 2023, 9:15 am CST

Unfortunately for many, having a job does not always mean simply doing the tasks of that job.

Instead, workers in an office are expected to socialize, build a rapport with each other, and in some cases, continue hanging out outside office hours.

Numerous videos on TikTok have gone viral after users complained about this apparent pressure to be social. In one case, a woman claimed she was threatened with termination for not doing small talk and going to Happy Hours with her co-workers. In another case, a worker was fired after just three weeks on the job for being “too shy.”

Now, another user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming they were fired from a job at Culver’s for being an introvert.

In a series of two videos, TikTok user Tesia Covington (@tesiacovington) recounts her experience. The video currently has over 30,000 views.

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In the first video, Covington says that she applied for a job as a manager at a new Culver’s location. While the job would be close by, the interviewer insisted that she drive two hours away to perform the interview in person at a different Culver’s location.

Covington says she initially pushed back, saying they should instead interview over Zoom, but the interviewer insisted — and so, Covington went to the interview.

Covington describes the questions in the interview as “basic,” though she notes that she told the interviewer that she is “a reserved type of person” and that it might “take [her] a while to warm up to everybody.”

“I like to give people that notice because people just think that I’m being rude, and I don’t got time for that,” Covington explains.

After getting the job, Covington says she was told that she would need to continue training in this Culver’s location and would be provided with a hotel room to do so. She then learned she would need to share this hotel room with another person.

Throughout the training process, Covington claims she had issues related to being an introvert. A co-worker complained that she wasn’t asking enough questions; she countered that the tasks were simple and that “chopping fruit and vegetables is not rocket science.” She also notes that there were multiple issues related to her being silent instead of vocal on the job.

@tesiacovington Replying to @laysmom unfortunately this happens a lot to black people and POC in the workplace. We are quick to be villianzed and people will think the worst of us befor getting to know us. Just know there a jobs who will accept you just as you are 🤎 #trending #mentalhealthmatters #workdiscrimination #culvers #genz #blacklivesmatter ♬ original sound – TeeSuh

These issues eventually stacked up, allegedly leading to her being fired.

“Unfortunately this happens a lot to Black people and POC in the workplace,” she wrote in the caption. “We are quick to be villainized and people will think the worst of us before getting to know us. Just know there a jobs who will accept you just as you are.”

In the comments section, users shared similar stories.

“People be showing up to work so happy and talkative,” offered a user. “Like i just wanna get my work done, please don’t force me to engage in pointless convos.”

“Got fired at hook & reel for this. Her reasoning was ‘to myself too much,’” recalled a second. “LIKE girl im just tryn to make money and go home.”

“I’m autistic and relate so hard,” stated a third. “ppl at most jobs i’ve worked LOATHED me bc they thought i was being rude.”

We’ve reached out to Culver’s via email and Covington via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Feb 26, 2023, 9:14 am CST