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‘The servers walked out’: Cracker Barrel serves customers biscuits on napkins after running out of food, plates

‘I hope you’re hungry … for nothing!’


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A customer on TikTok claims a Cracker Barrel restaurant served them biscuits on napkins after running out of plates and food. In a video posted to the platform on Tuesday, the TikToker also alleges that the servers walked out of the restaurant while he was there.

The clip, from creator Chris (@catdadtok), has generated more than 135,800 views in less than 24 hours on the platform. The video shows the creator and several other guests seated at a table in a Cracker Barrel restaurant with napkins spread on the table.

The audio features a clip from Nathan Fielder’s Nathan For You: “And here we go … I hope you’re hungry … for nothing!” A text overlay reads, “Crackerbarrel ran out of plates, food and the servers walked out.”

Chris added in the caption, “They gave us biscuits so we didn’t go hungry and some napkins to eat on.”

That account underscored what the video showed—napkins spread out across a Cracker Barrel table and the brief flash of a biscuit with jelly resting on one of the napkins, but no plates or other food in sight.

@catdadtok They gave us biscuits so we didn’t go hungry and some napkins to eat on #KAYKissCountdown #crackerbarrel #crackerbarrelchallenge #fyp #xyzbca ♬ original sound – M.M.

The video didn’t specify a Cracker Barrel location, though the creator did note in the comments it was his first experience at the chain restaurant. According to the Cracker Barrel website, the company was created in 1969 to give interstate travelers “a consistent, quality place to stop along the way” and “to stretch their legs, refuel, and find a good meal at a fair price.”

Commenters were concerned by what Chris was reporting. “I never liked the place, food was never good to me always puzzled when people was bragging about it years ago,” one user remarked.

Another, recounting a bad experience at the restaurant, noted, “Hour between taking our order and food. Prices went up steeply.”

A further TikToker came to the platform with sour grapes, recounting, “I applied there when I was 16-17 and told that I wouldn’t be considered for an interview bc I didn’t have server experience.”

Chris replied, “Well with the way management is running the place it’s not even 1 star.”

Several other users claimed they, too, have noticed absent Cracker Barrel employees.

One user wrote, “My parents went to one a few months ago and ended up with a free meal because it took so long, because the cook was nowhere to be found …”

Another commenter indicated that staff leaving a restaurant should be taken as a sign, arguing, “If I see staff walk out in any place… not gonna lie, I will leave with them. idky but I feel like I should lol.”

That comment got nearly 650 likes in solidarity, with Chris responding, “I wanted to leave.”

Several commenters wondered why the creator and his party did stay. While he alluded to it being at the insistence of another member of his party, Chris did also grant, “The biscuits are pretty good.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chris via TikTok message and Cracker Barrel’s public relations team via email.

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