Ryan Foley speaking in car (l) OnlyFans creator showing Ryan Foley on customer list on phone (c) Ryan Foley speaking in car (r)

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‘Definition of receipts’: Christian influencer who denounces trans porn outed as OnlyFans ‘femboy’ customer

‘Thank you for the 10 whole dollars.’


Tricia Crimmins


After a Christian influencer denounced “transgender porn,” an OnlyFans creator found the influencer on their list of paying customers.

Ryan Foley, a Christian influencer whose videos of him recounting his “struggles” with homosexuality and attraction to transgender people have gone viral multiple times. Foley posted a TikTok on May 5 saying that “for years upon years” he used to watch “transgender porn, femboy porn, all that stuff.”

Kendoll, an OnlyFans creator, shows the evidence to back up Foley’s claims in a TikTok posted last week: Foley’s name is on their customer list from October 2022.

“Yes you were [watching transgender and femboy porn], Ryan,” Kendoll says in their TikTok. “Thank you for the 10 whole dollars that you gave me.”

On Tuesday, Kendoll’s video had almost 5 million views on TikTok.

@kendollmunch #stitch with @Ryan Foley I love you ryan #fypシ ♬ Lights Are On (Instrumental) – Edith Whiskers

Many commenters were shocked by Kendoll’s proof that Foley had subscribed to their OnlyFans account.

“OOP!!!!!” @icryatwork wrote.

“Definition of receipts,” @printfairy commented.

“HELP,” @iyosiasneedtotakeshower wrote.

Others said that Foley’s subscription to Kendoll’s OnlyFans wasn’t a surprise.

“I was waiting for this,” @kristi.burke commented.

“It’s giving Nate’s dad from Euphoria,” @alltoounwell1 wrote, referring to a plot line in the popular HBO drama.

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