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Video shows ‘Cavity Karen’ threatening to sue dentist’s office over face mask policy

She says she spoke to a lawyer before going just to find out her ‘rights.’


Moises Mendez II


A woman threatened to sue a dentist’s office after she refused to wear a mask and have her temperature checked.

A video of the incident has been viewed over 2 million times, with one commenter aptly naming her “Cavity Karen.”

“You’re gonna work on my teeth, not my nose,” the woman tells the receptionist. “I don’t wear a mask getting my teeth cleaned.”

The receptionist can be heard explaining that wearing a mask is not only for the woman’s safety but for the safety of other patients in the waiting room as well as staff. The woman asks if she can be seen by a dentist if she covers her mouth with her hand, but she doesn’t even allow the receptionist to take her temperature.

“You can’t take my temperature, that’s against the law. You’re not an MD!” the Karen objects. The woman says she spoke to a lawyer just to find out her “rights.” “I talked to my attorney before I came here, too,” she says.

After the receptionist reiterates that they have to turn her away if she is not following its policies, she says, “I have a right to sue you for harassing me—the manager, and this entire company, Smile, whatever you call it, Dental. I do have that right, and I talked to my attorney before I came here, too. So does he want that to happen? I’ve waited long enough for my teeth to be cleaned. OK? Let’s get this done, OK?”

The employees at the office continue to refuse the woman, so she requests to speak to the business’ owner, demanding they send her its mask policy in “written writing.”

“I can do whatever I want, I’m free. It’s not a law!” the woman says.

“This is a medical office,” one of the employees plainly says, as she closes the door on Karen.

It remains unclear where the incident took place.


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