Burger King drive-thru customer says employee skipped him and started taking orders from people behind him

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‘Do you not see me at your window?’: Uber Eats driver says Burger King drive-thru employee skipped him, never took his order

'I waited 15 minutes.'


Phil West


Posted on Jan 22, 2023

An Uber Eats driver in Florida created a video claiming that he was passed over in a Burger King drive-thru line, and it’s generated conversation about fast-food service on the platform.

The video comes from a creator identifying simply as Looney (@loonuhtik), claiming in his profile to be a “Florida boy just livin life 1 day at a time.”

The video is just five seconds long but includes quite a bit of context to set the scene. The video is from the creator’s point of view, looking at a Burger King drive-thru line with an employee visible next to the line outside the store, handing someone else behind him a bag of food.

@loonuhtik Apparently I cant have it my way? #drivethru #bk #DoritosTriangleTryout #fyp #trending #rude #customerservice #haveityourway ♬ original sound – looney

In the video — which has more than 1.2 million views as of Sunday — the creator is saying, “Excuse me! Do you not see me at your window?” As he says this, the employee appears to register this and briefly moves toward the creator’s car right before the video ends.

The video also has an on-screen caption that reads, “Gotta do better BK,” with a facepalm emoji. In the caption, he wrote, “Apparently I can’t have it my way?”

Some of the discussion on the platform defended the Burger King employee, thinking that the creator was complaining about an order being delivered before his in the waiting zone beyond the drive-thru window. But the creator made clear his real complaint was being ignored completely.

“I worked at fast food and usually if we have an order that is ready and it’s behind the car at the window we would pull forward the car,” a commenter said.

“Ok and I woulda been alright with that,” Looney responded. “But she never said a word to me. Not at the speaker or the window — just totally ignored me.”

One commenter criticized Looney’s tone by writing, “‘Hey excuse me, no one has taken my order yet, could you help me out?’ would suffice just fine.”

The creator noted, “This is probably the most intellectual comment I’ve read thus far. But I’m sorry, I waited 15 minutes. The way she looked at me when she started to take the people’s order behind me was as if she thought I was someone she didn’t like and blatantly skipped me.”

He also claimed, to finish off that response, “She got fired.”

Another reflected on her own career path, noting, “See that’s why I stopped working fast food, ’cause my attitude would’ve came out.”

“Well, I highly doubt you would have skipped me and started helping customers who got there 15 minutes after me,” he responded.

Digging a little more into the story, commenters were able to extract from Looney that it was an Uber Eats order that was supposed to be ready, but as the creator claimed, wasn’t even being worked on when he arrived.

“So for people thinking he’s being impatient and rude (like myself at first lol),” said another commenter. “He’s got reasons as his time is valuable being a delivery driver.”

In a follow-up video, Looney wrote in the comments that he had to drive back around because she “continued to ignore [him.]”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Looney via comment and Burger King via an email to its media relations department.

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2023, 3:50 pm CST