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‘OK but someone did this with my REAL ID’: Bouncer snaps customer’s fake ID, sparking debate

‘Every other time it works, but here it don’t.’


Melody Heald


A bouncer went viral on TikTok after putting an alleged underage customer on the spot at work after snapping her fake ID.

The video features Zevan Hunt (@zevanhunt) as he gives a demonstration of what he does when he spots a fake ID to his 10,000 followers while at work.

“I get questions a lot: what do I do when I get a fake ID? Well, I’ll show you,” Hunt says, two customers waiting behind him. “So typically when I get a fake ID, I’ll let them know.” He then informs one person behind him that their ID is fake, though the woman denies it.

“It’s not, though,” she says.

“And that’s the typical response,” Hunt says. “And then I tell them, well if that’s so, then why can I rip the fake ID in half?” Hunt then tears the customer’s ID in half. The woman doesn’t respond, and Hunt tells them they have to leave.

“So, you, like, make followers off of that or what?” the woman asks, realizing that Hunt is recording the incident. She then repeatedly asks Hunt to return the ID, but he refuses.

“Every other time it works, but here it don’t,” she says.

“Yep,” Hunt replies. “It’s probably because we’re better than everyone else,” he adds with a smile to the camera.

Hunt writes in the caption, “what I do when i get a fake ID #security #fakeid this happened while i was working.”

@zevanhunt what I do when i get a fake ID #security #fakeid ♬ original sound – Zevan Hunt

The video amassed 2.4 million views as of Thursday, with many viewers praising Hunt.

“Dude , thank you for actually doing the right thing,” one viewer wrote.

“Bro woke up and chose JUSTICE,”  another commented.

“Guys got a bright future hard to find people that take pride in there work now days you need a raise!” a third praised.

However, there were some viewers who reprimanded Hunt for doing this because of past experiences when they or someone they knew had their real IDs snapped in half.

“Bouncer once snapped in half my bro’s real, gov-issued driver’s license so my sis called the cops on the bouncer so I hope u know what ur doing haha,” one shared.

“Ok but someone did this with my REAL ID and i had to call the cops lol,” a second said.

“Bruh that is not the right way. A bouncer broke my REAL ID in half and didn’t let me go in one time I was like [anger emoji],” a third recounted.

Others defended the bouncer’s responsibility to check IDs.

“People hating but don’t realize if she goes in there gets too drunk and wrecks or gets hurt or whatever the bar is on the line for letting her in,” one person commented.

“I’m glad he’s doing the right thing instead of getting his bar shutdown or him getting fired,” a second said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Hunt via TikTok comment.

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