young woman with caption 'server rant made $6 on a 6 hour shift on super bowl sunday'


‘They put an insane amount of servers on the floor’: Bombshells server says she only made $6 working for 6 hours on Super Bowl Sunday

'I would have walked out.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Feb 13, 2023

A Bombshells server says the oversaturation of servers at her restaurant job on Super Bowl Sunday and location of her section left her with only $6 for a whole shift after tip share.

In her video, poster Jenina (@jeninaaxoxo) says she was required to stay in her outdoor dining section while wearing her short uniform despite the cold weather. She claims she had only one table the whole night.

“I’ve been serving since I was 19, I’m 23,” she says. “I work at Bombshells, and I’ve already been looking for another job, and it’s not because the money isn’t there, like I’ve been getting really good tips, but they put an insane amount of servers on the floor. On a slow Monday morning, there’s 15-16 servers on the floor.”

Jenina explains that she was excited to work the Super Bowl Sunday shift, believing that she would make money. However, she says the restaurant had 23 servers on the floor that day.

@jeninaaxoxo if you’re thinking about working at the SATX location don’t #greenscreen #superbowl #serverlife #server #bombshells ♬ original sound – Jenina

She says she was told by management to remain in her section on the patio, though customers expressed concern for her and suggested she should go inside where it was warm.

Her one table for the night tipped her $10, Jenina says, which became $6 after she shared her tip with the kitchen.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jenina via Instagram direct message regarding the video, as well as to Bombshells via email.

Viewers were perplexed by the number of servers on one shift, even for Super Bowl Sunday, criticizing the move to have her continue working when there were no tables for her to take care of.

“23 is an absurd amount of servers and the fact that the managers had to ask if u were a server is insane i would ghost that job entirely,” one commenter wrote.

“Def call HR/corporate ab how they forced u to stay outside & wouldnt cut after HRS of no tables,” another suggested. “Im POSITIVE higherups will have issues w that. HORRID.”

“I’ve worked at twin peaks and I’ve noticed that management at sports bars like that can be soooo bad!!” a third stated. “I left bcs of management too. I’m so sorry girl.”

Others urged her to seek out another job where she is compensated for her time.

“Babe look for fine dining you seem so sweet and soft spoken you can work anywhere,” one commented.

“Y’all i’m TELLING YOUUU fine dining !!!!” another claimed. “It’s hell to serve those ppl but god the money is WORTH IT pls look into it queen youd do amazing.”

“I would have left. Girl you got this. Find something new, good luck!” a further viewer added.

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*First Published: Feb 13, 2023, 9:43 am CST