young woman with caption 'my friends bf kicked me out his party cuz i was too dark'


‘Stay away from fake allies’: Black woman says her friend’s boyfriend kicked her out of party because she is ‘too dark’

‘She was never your friend.’


Tricia Crimmins


A Black TikToker says that her former friend’s boyfriend kicked her out of his party because she is “too dark.”

Shakira Dianessy (@abarbielife2.0) posted a TikTok recounting the story on May 24. In the video, she says a white female friend invited her to a party the woman’s boyfriend was throwing. Dianessy says that when she arrived at the party, the boyfriend’s friends openly made fun of her, and she was told that she wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol at the party.

The TikToker says when she tried to grab a drink again, the boyfriend said, “Oh, nah, you gotta go, you gotta go.” She says he also told her that she was “just Black as fuck” and that he was “not really tryin’ to have those type of girls at [his] party.” Dianessy says she confronted her friend about what the boyfriend said, but the friend wasn’t any help—so the TikToker left the party.

“Moral of the story is stay away from fake allies,” Dianessy says in her TikTok. On Wednesday, her video had almost 2 million views.

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Commenters on Dianessy’s video expressed their anger and disappointment about her story.

“She was never your friend,” @beauty_by_tyy commented.

“She set you up!!!” @bronxchick69 wrote. “BE CAREFUL.”

“I’m so so sorry that happened to you,” @jackieaina commented.

Others shared how they would have reacted if they had been in Dianessy’s position.

“The way I would’ve flipped all the tables and ruined the party,” @obress412 wrote.

“You stayed too long,” @itslessa93 wrote. “I would have left when he asked her why she brought me there.”

“Should of called the cops on they party,” @mariamerlintrismegistus commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dianessy via email.

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