Black man employed by Comcast allegedly reported to police for doing his job

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Black man employed by Comcast

Screengrab via Crystal1Johnson/Twitter


What can black people do these days without being accused of a crime?

Apparently you can remove “go to work” from the list.

On Monday a Facebook post of a black man being given a ticket went viral. From what can be told by the picture and the post, the man works for Comcast and was working on a house when a bystander reported him to the cops. (By the time his post got to Twitter, his name had been redacted.)

The police allegedly showed up, guns drawn, and told the man to put his hands up because he was accused of walking around the property, looking through windows, trying to open doors, and searching for a way to steal from the home.

The man wore a red Comcast shirt, was near his white Comcast truck, and was searching for some wiring to do his job.

Apparently someone saw the man in an area where they did not think he should be, got scared, and reported him. You’d think the Comcast truck and shirt would have done the trick.

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