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‘That’s not a black coffee anymore’: Starbucks barista shares PSA about ordering ‘black coffee’

‘Please stop tricking me.’


Melody Heald


A Starbucks barista went viral on TikTok after issuing a public service announcement reminding customers what they are ordering when they ask for a “black coffee.”

The clip features user Danielle (@thehighbarista) as she explains what constitutes the beverage.

Danielle told her 15,000 followers, “Um, in case you didn’t know, when you order a black coffee, that just means there’s nothing in it.”

The barista says it’s a common occurrence for customers to order a black coffee and then request cream and sugar.

“That’s not a black coffee anymore,” Danielle explains. “So please stop tricking me and saying that you’d like black coffee and then adding other things in there. Thank you.”

She further expressed her irritation in the caption, noting that this mistake is “one of those little things that makes me internally scream.”

@thehighbarista one of those little things that makes me internally scream 🤭 #starbucks #baristatok #baristas #barista #baristaproblems #vegas #lasvegas ♬ original sound – Danielle | thehighbarista

The video was viewed over 13,000 times as of Wednesday, with viewers agreeing with Danielle and sharing alternative orders to “black coffee” for those who want cream.

“I always call it an iced/hot coffee that I want to add cream to cause I know it’s not black but also don’t want any syrups,” one viewer stated.

“Agreed!!! Just order ‘may I order hot or iced coffee with….’ And specify your modified choice of sugar and choice of milk,” a second suggested.

“Can i have no sugar but 4 pumps of vanilla,” a third wrote.

Others shared their own experiences with customers ordering “black coffee.”

“One lady asked for a black coffee and my coworker gave her that but then was like no I wanted cream. Get off ur damn phone call then lady omg,” one person shared.

“When they say they don’t want any room then immediately go and dump it in the trash,” a second said.

“We have a regular who says ‘can I get a tall pike with room for half and half?’ And I’ll say ‘okay’ and he says ‘can you add it in there?’” a third commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Danielle via TikTok comment.

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