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While Bill O’Reilly may be out of a job, he isn’t about to walk away from his Fox News career with empty hands.

Two sources who talked to CNNMoney allege that O’Reilly will be getting “a staggering amount” of money as he leaves the news corporation. O’Reilly recently signed a new contract that would reportedly pay him $25 million a year throughout this presidential cycle. And while O’Reilly won’t see the full amount from the contract—clocking in around $100 million—it’s safe to say that he’ll at least see millions on his way out.

It was announced that O’Reilly was let go from Fox News yesterday after the network concluded internal investigations into multiple sexual harassment claims. This came after the New York Times disclosed earlier this month that Fox News paid $13 million in settlements to five women over such harassment claims, causing numerous advertisers to pull out from the show.

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Bill O’Reilly, Fox News reportedly paid $13 million to 5 women to avoid sexual harassment suits
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