bartender pouring 'Tequila Cranberry NO ICE'


‘Not them trying to use their Starbucks hacks at the club’: Bartender puts customers who ask for ‘no ice’ and expect extra alcohol on blast

'How hard is it to make a drink without ice?'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 27, 2023

A Nashville-based bartender who shares her exploits on TikTok let a customer know that just because you ask for “no ice” in a drink doesn’t mean you’re getting more alcohol.

The video comes courtesy of creator Jemima June, whose TikTok bio proudly proclaims, “I’m just here to get you drunk.” Her latest video is extremely popular. In just one day, it’s already garnered more than 4.6 million views and 490,000 likes.

In the clip, a customer orders a tequila cranberry with no ice and is especially insistent about the “no ice” part.


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The creator, captured on video making the drink, shows the customer that indeed there’s no ice in the drink. When she hands the drink to the customer, she states, “There’s no ice in that.”

Then fielding a query about the drink from the off-camera customer, the creator says, “Just ’cause you say more ice doesn’t mean you’re going to get more alcohol.”

She then clarifies, after repeating that statement to the uncomprehending patron, that if you say, “Double,” then “that means you’re going to get more alcohol.”

Many of the commenters gave similar side-eye to people who order drinks with no ice or are just too fussy with their drink orders.

“Not them trying to use their Starbucks hacks at the club,” one commenter cracked.

“Bro thought he was pulling a fast one,” another observed.

A fellow bartender chimed in with, “Same thing happened to me yesterday … my dude, a margarita with no ice just means you’re going to be drinking almost straight lime juice, but go off.”

Another pointed out, “Drinking tequila cranberry, he clearly doesn’t know how to drink anyway.”

But others expressed that they were actually part of the “no ice” club for varying reasons.

“I asked for no ice and the bartender gave me a whole lecture,” one said. “I was like, ‘I just don’t want my drink watered down.'”

Another shared, “How hard is it to make a drink without ice? I also ask for drinks without ice bc I hate the ice feeling on my teeth.”

“Ok, but sometimes we just want more drink, not more alcohol, so we don’t finish our mainly cup of ice in 5 seconds.”

The comments section also opened up a whole dialogue on bartenders. One camp sided with someone who observed, “Bartenders swear they are better than other people,” while someone else said simply, “it takes a different kind of person to be a bartender.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to June via TikTok message for comment.

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2023, 1:35 pm CST