Michelle and Barack Obama

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Barack Obama has a new job as Michelle’s personal vacation Instagrammer

The struggle for the perfect vacation Insta is real.


Jessica Machado


As much as we’d like them to be, it’s safe to say that Barack and Michelle Obama are not just like us. For instance, not all of us would spend our weekend aboard David Geffen’s superyacht with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Bruce Springsteen, and possibly Oprah near the island of Moorea.

But something we can maybe relate to? Getting our dude to take an enviable photo of our glamorized vacation selves to post to social media. Though it seems the results of Barack’s efforts never made it to either of their Instagram accounts, paparazzi photos of the former president snapping pics of his wife offer proof that at least he tried. And the internet is all about it.

With time in the Caribbean earlier this year and the past month spent in French Polynesia, the Obamas are making up for all those weekend vacations they didn’t take while on the job—which is much different than the schedule our current president keeps.

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