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Guns, glitter, and studs: The weirdest ways to reveal your baby’s gender

Maybe slow down on the rifles.


Jaya Saxena


Baby “gender reveals” are a thing now, and expectant parents are finding all sorts of ways to reveal their infant’s genitalia to the world before the little bugger leaves the womb. A few short years ago, this might have been done with a cake that was either pink or blue on the inside, or, hell, an “It’s a girl” email. But those sorts of things can’t go viral now, can they? 

Here are some of the most ridiculous gender reveal options we’ve found. Happy Mother’s Day!

1) Cakes

You thought boy v. girl was the only dichotomy in question? Think again. There are all sorts of preferences to pose about yet-to-be-born babies. Lures or lace? Guns or glitter? Cupcake or stud muffin? Because, yes, let’s all think about your newborn son having sex.

2) Making your other children cry

Who cares if it’s a girl or a boy? The older kid is just going to be upset about having to share things now.

3) Guns

Expectant dads sure do like announcing their babies with guns and explosions.

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4) Glitter

Because nothing is more fun than cleaning up glitter.

5) Actual baby cakes

Or cutting into a baby from the uncanny valley to celebrate his upcoming birth.

Anyway, gender is a construct. Your son might like tutus!

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