Ashley Furniture customer says order was messed up four times, couch contained pieces of wood

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‘They are the absolute worst company to purchase anything from’: Ashley Furniture customer says couch contained pieces of wood—company refused to replace it

‘Thank goodness I just cancelled my order for a couch from there.’


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A user on TikTok has gone viral after calling out Ashley Furniture.

According to TikTok user Gigi (@gigi_unbreakablebt), she spent almost $10,000 on a new furniture set, only to be met with poor quality and subpar customer service.

In a video with over 656,000 views as of Sunday, Gigi says she bought the new couch from Ashley Furniture back in November. This is when the problems began.

@gigi_unbreakablebt This company has completely failed and they should go out of business period! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!! #companyfail #warning #rant #badbusiness #brokenfurniture #ashleysfurniture #ashleysfurniturestore #ashleyoffical #betterbusinessbureau ♬ original sound – Gigi_UnbreakableBT

To start, Gigi says the couch was delivered with a section missing. When she asked about this, Ashley Furniture allegedly responded that they could not deliver the last piece for another 3 weeks.

When the full couch finally arrived, Gigi discovered that one of the USB charging ports included in the couch did not work. Furthermore, the couch was supposed to come with metal cup holders—Gigi was informed upon arrival that the cup holders had been discontinued.

The couch had other quality issues as well. On one side of the couch, pushing into the cushion results in an audible cracking sound.

“So the service guy comes today to fix this stuff, and he pulls out pieces of wood out of the recliner,” Gigi says, showing a splinter. “He says, ‘OK, it’s up to showroom standard. There’s nothing else wrong with it. You just had some loose pieces of wood.’”

Along with the couch, Gigi bought a new mattress. When delivering the mattress, Gigi claims that the wrong pieces were delivered 4 separate times, leading to workers dragging her mattress outside and dirtying it in the process.

Frustrated, Gigi says she attempted to return the products and receive a refund. She was informed that this was not possible.

“This company has completely failed and they should go out of business period! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!!” she summarizes in the caption.

Gigi claims in a later video that the company offered her a 15% refund for the errors but refused a full return/refund.

This story comes on the heels of another viral Ashley Furniture customer complaint in which a user claimed they bought a living room set, only for the company to sign him up for several credit cards without his consent.

In the comments section under Gigi’s video, users shared their own Ashley Furniture horror stories.

“The worst! Our couch cushions are tearing off the back, the seats split up the sides, not to mention we bought a sofa sleeper sectional and we find out a week before delivery that the sofa sleeper was out of stock and discontinued. No refund for the price difference,” a commenter claimed. “We even got the protection plan and it was advertised that animal, kid, and rips were covered. Every claim has been denied as ‘normal wear and tear.’”

“They truly are the WORST! My friend ordered a sofa waited over a YEAR they kept telling her it was coming she then demanded a refund and they REFUSED,” alleged another.

“girl!! I’ve been waiting since last August for a replacement love seat that was broken on delivery,” said a third. “terrible company.”

“We bought a bed from Ashley’s a while back & when they delivered it they damaged a corner of the frame. They sent over a ‘specialist’ to fix it…He literally just brought some brown crayola MARKERS that matched the frame and colored over the damage and then left,” recalled a further TikToker. “That’s all. A MARKER?!”

We’ve reached out to Gigi via email and Ashley Furniture via email and the website contact form.

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