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‘It’s gonna go to the trash’: Applebee’s customer shares trick to take home unlimited wings after server wouldn’t give them a to-go box

‘Me, an applebees server, finding out through this video that i’m not supposed to give to-go boxes.’


Jack Alban


Few people are going to Applebee’s thinking that they’re headed for a fine-dining experience with a fine-dining price tag to match. But there are some specials offered by the chain that are so light on the wallet, they may make you wonder just how the heck Applebee’s is turning a profit, like its all-you-can-eat boneless wings and french fries special for $12.99.

Understandably, however, this deal is only valid for folks who are dining in person at an Applebee’s location. It’s not like you’ll be able to plop down $13 and then hit up DoorDash whenever you’ve got a chicken nugget craving.

One TikToker and Applebee’s customer, however, wanted to bring some of the wings that they ordered but couldn’t finish in the restaurant home with them. However, an employee wouldn’t bring them a to-go box, as the “endless wings” promotion was only for folks who were dining in.

The creator, Jilliser (@jillisersfitness), posted a now-viral clip that shows how someone at their table was able to bring home the extra wings.

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“Applebee’s unlimited wing They didn’t wanted to give her a To go box…,” Jilliser wrote in the text overlay. “Guess we to going one way or the other lol…She’s something else”

In the clip, someone can be seen holding a boneless wing with their fingers. Their hand has splotches of sauce on it as they sneak a nugget underneath some napkins on a table. The video then cuts to reveal what is underneath the napkins: a small plastic bag that’s been stuffed with several boneless wings.

Several TikTokers commended the Applebee’s customer’s frugality.

“Thank you. Keep spreading awareness into the life of poors,” one user wrote. “It is critical for people to understand the strategies.”

Others wanted to know just what kind of bag was being used for the deep-fried smuggle job.

“What type of bag is that? The plastic for silverware?” one user asked. Jilliser confirmed in a reply that they used the silverware bag to smuggle the wings out.

“Mmm latex flavored wings,” a second said, joking that they stuffed the wings in a condom.

There were some Applebee’s servers in the comments section who said that they are specifically instructed not to give customers who order all-you-can-eat items take-home boxes, as the promotion is only valid for those dining inside.

“I was told they weren’t aloud to do that with unlimited items but doesn’t make much sense if you already ordered it,” one viewer wrote. “It’s gonna go to trash.”

“me, an applebees server, finding out through this video that i’m not supposed to give to-go boxes on ayce [all-you-can-eat] items,” another added.

“Because if they allow boxes at ayce places, ppl would load up on the reorders and then take it all home,” a third claimed.

There were also TikTokers who had their own strategies and practical advice to other folks who want to help stretch out their money a little further whenever they go out to eat.

“pro tip, you can bring reusable containers to take ur food home so you don’t even have to ask,” one user suggested.

“Just bring a plastic zip lock bag and line it on the inside of a purse lmfaoo,” a further TikToker offered.

Jilliser said in a follow-up video that they weren’t attempting to bring the wings back home because they were “broke” like some commenters quipped, and chided those who said so.

@jillisersfitness Replying to @cellis223 #food #foodie #foodtiktok #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ #fy #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypp #🌈🌈🌈 #🌈🌈 #qusetion ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

There are a whopping 2,000 Applebee’s locations all across the US, and although the chain comes under a lot of criticism for serving up pre-packaged food that relies heavily on microwaves in order to fill the tummies of its hungry customer base, Dine Brands must be doing something right. The umbrella company that owns the chain (along with IHOP) has been turning a healthy profit, especially post-COVID.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jilliser via TikTok comment and Applebee’s via email for more information.

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