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‘So was she suppose to keep it if it didn’t fit?’: Amazon employee slams customers for items they returned

'You act like it come out your paycheck.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Feb 15, 2023

Amazon employee and TikToker @gt.jae went viral on the app after blasting customers who return clothing after wearing it.

“Dumb shit people return to Amazon, part 1,” @gt.jae said in her video. She then showed the item the customer returned, which was a pair of shapewear shorts.

“Now, mind you, these are underwear,” the TikToker continued. You mean to tell me you put your big ass in these drawers, decided you didn’t like them, and then returned them? And I know you got a big ass ’cause you bought a size large.”

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The TikToker then moved on to the customer’s reason for returning the item, which she said was “real stupid.”

“This is the return reason: does not suck my stomach in,” she said. “Babe, that’s not how life works. You want your stomach to actually get slimmer, you need to put the work in. Go to the gym.”

In another clip, the Amazon employee stated that the retail giant resells clothes that have been worn and returned.

“Stop buying them clothes off Amazon we be wiping the stains off the returns and reselling them,” she wrote in the text overlay.

The creator further expanded on her point in a follow-up stitch.

“I mean, did y’all think that I was lying when I said that? Let me show y’all something,” she said.

She then showed a laptop screen with return information for a dress that had been returned twice.

“Customer number one: no comment. Current return, customer comment: this item was wore by other people. It smells,” the TikToker said.

She concluded, “I mean, the proof is there. Y’all can keep buying them cheaply made clothes off Amazon if y’all want to.”

@gt.jae #stitch with @gt.jae #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #fypシ ♬ original sound – Gt.jae

Viewers who saw @gt.jae’s post remarked that they don’t see a problem with the customer returning the shapewear. Several even mentioned that since Amazon makes so much money, the retailer should take the loss for the return rather than the customer.

“Something not fitting or not doing what it’s advertised to do is a valid reason for a return,” one viewer wrote.

“I’m on her side. Jeff [Bezos] will be alright,” a second commented.

“Amazon got enough money to let ppl return anything and everything,” another stated.

Some viewers said they wanted to see the TikToker read return reasons for other types of products sent back to the retailer.

“Naw I need you to post the comment for them adult toys I know we not supposed to process them I just scan them to see the comments,” one user remarked.

However, others didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of people buying clothing items on Amazon, wearing them, and then sending them back for a refund.

“Y’all saying she not wrong. I need to know if y’all repackage them and sell them again after she put it on,” one viewer commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to @gt.jae via TikTok comment and Amazon via email for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 15, 2023, 7:00 pm CST