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These 10 videos will convince you to avoid the stores on Black Friday

From bad to worse to downright deadly.


Miles Klee


As any savvy American consumer is aware, hitting up an overhyped Black Friday sale can get you stabbed, shot, trampled, or pepper-sprayed. Even so, you might be unimpressed by a website like Black Friday Death Count: only 7 deaths and 90 injuries since 2006? Seems like the odds are in your favor, right?

Wrong. While you might manage to make it out of Walmart relatively unscathed, it will be at the expense of your very humanity. As evidence, we humbly submit these jaw-dropping YouTube videos of holiday shoppers in a state of mob frenzy.

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Amazon suddenly doesn’t seem so evil, does it?

Photo by Shane Gorski/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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