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All of TikTok is demanding one question be answered: How to use dumpling machine 

Is it harder than it looks?


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Apr 16, 2024   Updated on Apr 17, 2024, 8:30 am CDT

Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget that will make their life just a little bit easier?

Promoted in a number of TikTok videos, dumpling fanatics may have thought they found just the machine for that.

The machine appears to be made by a number of sketchy brands on Amazon, all of whom sell it for around $25. It promises to easily press and fold your filling into a picture-perfect dumpling.

Videos showing it off have racked up tens of millions of views.

@adrianwidjy Automatic dumpling maker for those who is not good at folding dumplings! Even using store-bought dumpling skins it works like a charm! #PlacesInSydney #amazonfinds #amazonmusthaves #kitchenhacks #dumpling #dumplingmaker #automaticdumplingmachine #dumplings #dumplingskin #dumplingrecipe ♬ Gator – Spongebob Squarepants

But amid the frenzy of users showing off their new dumpling-making tool those struggling to operate the gadget.

While there is a slew of quick videos showcasing the ease of using the machine—which automatically compresses a dumpling into its shape—not everyone is finding it convenient.

TikTok Dumpling Machine

One viral TikTok posted last week shows a user attempting to form a dumpling with the machine to absolutely no avail for a minute straight, using various techniques and strategies such as coating the dumpling’s edges with water.

@suzaki65 Finally, I succeeded.#tiktokfood #dumplingmachine ♬ Athletic Meet "Heaven and Hell" (No Introduction) – Shinonome

In the comments, many users admonished the poster for not knowing how to use the machine as well as not pushing the dough in.

“Maybe it’s not working because of how many times you slammed it across the table,” one user quipped, amassing more than 57,000 likes.

“at this point it’s just a skill issue now,” commented another person.

A number of people played on TikTok’s automatic search function feature, which plugs in what it thinks you might want to see next, flooding the comments with “how to use dumpling machine.”

The TikTok—which was liked more than five million times—spurred videos in response showing how to use the dumpling maker.

Asked “what was that one guy doing wrong,” one TikToker with video instructions responded, “putting way too much in it.”

“There was a lot of tension after watching the other guys videos,” he added in a comment.

@kiwipassport How to use dumpling maching thr right way #dumpling #dumplingmachine ♬ Amazing – Yenna Sound

But while many commenters on Dumpling TikTok referenced the “one guy” who couldn’t use the machine, in fairness to him, there are a number of similar videos demonstrating other people struggling with the machine.

@spinecrack3r Look what a dumpling maker i bought #fyp #dumpling #tiktokshopping ♬ original sound – Best Find For You
@dumplingbuddyofficial Replying to @:3 Finally i can enjoy my dumplings 🥟🥰. #dumplings #foodtok #dumplingmaker #foodie #easyrecipe #foodtiktok #foodies ♬ original sound – Dumpling Buddy

But one commenter had a solution for those struggling to get the machine to work.

“This will blow your mind, but read the instructions first,” she quipped.

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*First Published: Apr 16, 2024, 9:03 am CDT