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‘I’ve never canceled so fast’: Uber customer says her driver’s license plate was ‘TRUUUMP’

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Katherine Huggins


Posted on Jan 2, 2024

A post on X showing an Uber driver with a ‘TRUUUMP’ license plate has racked up more than 700,000 views since Monday, with many saying that the vanity plates supporting former President Donald Trump would have caused them to immediately cancel the ride.

“I’ve never cancelled an Uber so fast,” wrote the poster (@appalachianthot), along with a screenshot of the details of the assigned Uber driver and requested route in West Virginia.

“I will never understand people who make their political opinions their whole personality … so bizarre,” commented one user.

The Uber rider replied, agreeing: “Like he literally paid the DMV extra for this.”

Another person surmised that he “probably makes most of his money on cancellations” and basically “sits at home collecting cancellation fees until a rare MAGA leaves their dungeon (grandparents’ basement).”

According to Uber, cancellation fees vary by location and fees may depend on how far a driver has already driven as well as how long it took the driver to arrive at the pickup location, and if/how long the driver waited at the pickup location.

Uber does not charge cancellation fees when “your driver took longer than expected to arrive”—which could apply to this particular instance, given that the screenshot shows the driver is 18 minutes away.

One commenter joked that the assigned driver looked similar to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), while another remarked that “it’s amazing how a percentage of our population idolize an old man that would have nothing to do with them.”

Another user replied with a screenshot of a separate driver he had named “Lenin Marx.”

“Funny I have never accepted a ride so fast,” he wrote.

A number of users also replied that they did not initially realize the cancellation was due to the license plate—they thought it was because of the 18-minute wait time.

“I didn’t see the license plate I was just like ‘damn 18 minutes is crazy,'” reads the top reply to the post.

The original poster replied: “LMAO that was another reason to cancel.”

She added that the new Uber driver she was assigned arrived in a much quicker five minutes.

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*First Published: Jan 2, 2024, 9:31 am CST