Twitter just fixed the biggest problem with retweets

man holding retweet symbol and crying out of sheer joy

This was a long time coming.

Twitter is rolling out an update to its quote-retweet feature that makes the process of sharing someone else’s 140-character message easier and cleaner.

The feature adds a second way of retweeting to the Twitter website and dramatically improves the existing quote feature in the iOS and Android apps.

On the Web, the feature looks like this.

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

In the iOS app, the improvement is obvious.

Twitter’s support page for retweets notes, somewhat confusingly, that “you cannot Retweet your own quote Tweet.”

The Next Web reports that Twitter’s API will add support for the quote-retweet in the future, meaning that, unlike other Twitter updates like group DMs, the quote-retweet shouldn’t be missing from third-party apps for much longer.

 Illustration by Max Fleishman

Eric Geller

Eric Geller

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