Trump supporters assault man who says fuck Trump


Video shows Trump supporter beating up man who allegedly said ‘f*ck Trump’

‘I have kids in the f*cking car, motherf*cker,’ says the Trump supporter trying to police the other man’s language.


Bryan Rolli


A viral Reddit video shows a group of Trump supporters arguing with and beating up a man for allegedly yelling “fuck Trump” around their kids, even as they hurled the same profanities at the man during the altercation. 

The video, uploaded to r/PublicFreakout on Monday by u/Lowabunny2, is ripped from a TikTok made by @pie.poli. (The original TikTok appears to have been removed.) It opens with a man in a “Don’t Tread on Me” shirt screaming himself hoarse at the anti-Trumper, apparently taking issue with the language he used to express his sentiment.

“I have kids,” the Trump supporter yells, to which his new adversary replies, “I don’t fucking care.”

The shouting match escalates as another Trump supporter joins the fight. The anti-Trumper tells both of them, “I was just talking shit. If you can’t handle political discourse, then [go get up in] your shit,” pointing to a pickup truck with a large American flag mounted on the truck bed.

“I don’t care who you vote for!” the man in the “Don’t Tread on Me” shirt yells. When the anti-Trumper says he doesn’t “give a fuck” either, both Trump supporters go ballistic. 

“You shut your mouth!” Mr. Don’t Tread on Me yells. “I have kids in the fucking car, motherfucker.” (The kids apparently have selective hearing and cannot discern when their father yells “fuck.”)

Trump supporter No. 2, dressed in a gray Star Wars shirt, tells the anti-Trumper, “Go look in my fucking car. I have my fucking little kids in there.”

A third Trump supporter in a red Trump shirt then enters the scene, but he has no interest in joining the argument. He immediately throttles the anti-Trumper, throws him against the side of a vehicle, and begins punching and kneeing him in the face. 

“Hey, hey, wait, wait,” the person filming the video—presumably @pie.poli—says. “Can you like—?” Her question gets interrupted as the red-shirted Trump supporter turns toward her and her camera jerks away from the fight. The video ends with her obscuring the camera with her hand and yelling what sounds like, “Oh my God!” 

Redditors noted the blatant hypocrisy of the foul-mouthed Trump supporters—who had no qualms about beating up a stranger in public—trying to police another man’s language. 

“I like the guy yelling, ‘I GOT MY FUCKING KIDS IN THE FUCKING CAR RIGHT FUCKING THERE.’ In response to their sensitive ears hearing Fuck Trump. Umm hmm. So sensitive,” u/teddynovakdp commented. 

“While wearing a ‘dont tread on me shirt’ and actively trying to impede other’s 1st amendment rights…” u/abe_froman_skc replied. 

Redditor u/The_Sausage_Smuggler theorized the violent Trump supporter would get his comeuppance in the end: “I bet his wife is back at his bunker right now banging the poolboy who voted for Biden.”

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