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This Twitter account is cataloging all the regretful Trump voters

Will Donald Trump listen to his voters?


Josh Katzowitz


The latest numbers from the Public Policy Polling show the majority of voters think Donald Trump will be the worst president since Richard Nixon and that his favorability ratings in the first week of his new job “are historically awful numbers for a newly elected President.”

While only 44 percent of voters see Trump in a positive light, many more Trump supporters are taking to Twitter to tell him that he’s lost their support. It’s all being cataloged by the @Trump_Regrets account—and you can think of this account as the side dish to the Trumpgrets Tumblr page.

People are mad about Trump’s stated plans to build a border wall, his adviser’s missive to the media to shut the hell up, Trump’s early attempts to dismantle Obamacare, and his inexplicable need to continue railing against voter fraud conspiracies.

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Somebody was even upset that the White House public switchboard isn’t taking messages for Trump and decided to unleash his fury on Twitter.

And sure, it’s natural to feel schadenfreude if you were a Hillary Clinton supporter. But remember, Trump supporters are human, too. You might think their fresh realizations are funny, but to some of them the paradigm shift they’re experiencing is probably terrifying.

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