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Report: Trump wanted a terrorist’s family taken out during a drone strike

The president wants to keep this campaign promise.


David Covucci


President Donald Trump reportedly questioned the CIA on why it didn’t target a suspected terrorist’s family during a drone strike, according to a new report by the Washington Post.

The day after his inauguration, during a visit to CIA headquarters, Trump was taken to the agency’s drone operations center. There, he was reportedly unimpressed with a briefing on munitions that were designed to limit civilian casualties. Trump was then shown a video of a strike that took out a suspect after he had departed his home. From the Washington Post:

Watching a previously recorded strike in which the agency held off on firing until the target had wandered away from a house with his family inside, Trump asked, “Why did you wait?” one participant in the meeting recalled.

When campaigning for president, Trump infamously said that the U.S. needed to “take out” the family of terrorists.

Apparently, this is one campaign promise Trump really did want to keep.

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