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World’s smallest snowman will help you forget about 2016

This may be the cutest invention of the year.


An invisible snowman will make your 2016 sadness go away.

Researchers at the nanofabrication lab at London’s Western University stacked silica spheres on top of each other to create the world’s smallest snow creature, and it is unmistakably cute.


The little guy stands at just three microns (one millionth of a meter) tall. Standard copying paper is around 100 microns thick, for comparison. This unfortunately means you would need a heavy-duty electron microscope to view the tiny creature. Thankfully, the lab’s Tumblr page provided some heartwarming photos.


That perfect face was formed by a focused ion beam, which cut the eyes and mouth. The figure’s nose and arms were sculpted from platinum. 

If this little snowman teaches us anything, it is that happiness is always nearby, but sometimes you just need to look a little harder to find it.  

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