Ron DeSantis fans fume over Amber Rose RNC speaking slot

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DeSantis fans fume over Amber Rose RNC speaking slot—which was announced before his

Some called the Trump agenda ‘pro-degeneracy.’


Katherine Huggins


Fans of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) had mixed reactions Wednesday night amid reports the 2024 Republican National Convention planned to exclude him from speaking, before reversing course because of a “change in schedule.”

But some are hopeful that his speech could lay the groundwork for his future political prospects.

“I will confirm a change in schedule that means he will now be speaking,” an unnamed source told NBC News. DeSantis’ team, for its part, told the outlet it had always been told DeSantis would have a slot.

Reports about a possible DeSantis snub roiled his fans, with many social media users saying his inclusion would be a show of unity in the wake of a primary season that revealed fractures in the party.

DeSantis, once considered former President Donald Trump’s top primary rival, was polling at more than 30% early last year. But as his campaign became untenable, he dropped out of the race and endorsed Trump in January, despite the pair trading barbs.

But a fracture in the GOP shown from the bitter primary might still exist—at least partly—as evidenced by DeSantis fans’ reactions to the speaker saga.

“I think we made a wrong turn along the way,” commented one user alongside a meme rebuking Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose being given a speaking spot.

Rose, a former stripper-turned-model, announced on Monday she would speak at the convention, though she did not specify when. Her announcement follows her endorsement of Trump in May and subsequent July Instagram donning a bikini and a Make America Great Again hat.

“I really wish he’d stay away from this rank clown show,” commented another X user, whose bio includes the hashtag #StillWithDeSantis.

“Guess which of these will be speaking at the Republican Convention and which one won’t,” wrote another with a side-by-side of DeSantis and Rose before the slot for the governor was announced.

“Bad idea,” echoed another person. “This is a garbage show and you should stay away unless you are going there to call them out and the new non conservative platform. Just a very bad look. Dont do it.”

“Disgusting, but predictable,” read one response.

“The Trump republican party is pro abortion, pro degeneracy,” added another.

But while some of his fans are disappointed in his decision to speak at the convention, many are optimistic that he could set the stage for another presidential run in four years.

“This is a great opportunity for DeSantis to set the stage for the 2028 campaign,” remarked one person.

“I think it’s a good thing,” replied someone else. “He needs to stay active in the Republican Party so we can elect him in 2028.”

One person expressed hope DeSantis’ speech would mirror Ronald Reagan’s convention speech after he lost the primary to Gerald Ford.

“After Reagan spoke, the delegates knew they had made a terrible mistake, which they rectified four years later,” she wrote, adding that “those questioning why DeSantis would do so should also take the time to watch truly one of the greatest speeches of all time and realize that to be the leader of the free world in the future sometimes you have to be the bigger man now.”

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