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MAGA candidate thinks Biden is trying to intimidate her with extra TSA screenings

Ceci Truman said she was ‘treated like a criminal.’


Jacob Seitz


A Californian Republican congressional candidate cried foul after she was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for an extra security screening. Ceci Truman said she was “treated as a criminal” and claimed that the screening was related to her candidacy and political views.

In a video posted on her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Tuesday, Truman said she was in Dallas Love Field Airport. She said her boarding pass was printed with a “quadruple S,” which stands for Secondary Security Screening Selection, a process where a passenger is separated from the normal security line and has their luggage and person thoroughly checked for explosives or hazardous materials.

Truman documented the process going through the extra security, which she said included an additional screening at the gate before boarding the plane. She said that some other passengers on her flight were randomly checked but that TSA was “really just looking for my stuff.”

In the video, Truman said she gets labeled with the marker every time she flies. She called the process “harassment” and “unconstitutional.”

“As a candidate for Congress this should not be happening, they have no grounds for labeling me with quad S…it’s unconstitutional. This is harassment, it’s a form of intimidation by this administration,” she said in the video.

Truman said she believes the checks are because she is a vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and because she is a MAGA candidate. She said she recently attended a boat rally in Florida for Trump and that the “Trump family was supposed to be there, but they backed out due to security reasons” but that “other members of the extended family were there, as well as other notable people.”

TSA could also be screening her for being in Washington, D.C. during the Capitol riot or for some other reason. It’s not known if Truman was actually present during the riot, but she did make several posts on Instagram about going to Washington, D.C. and being in the city during the insurrection attempt.

Part of the video was reposted on Twitter by lawyer Ron Filipkowski. Twitter users were quick to judge.

One pointed out that this is not the first time Truman has been flagged by TSA for additional screening. “I don’t know about y’all but it seems like the govt [should] tell the public if they have security concerns with this candidate,” they wrote.

“If playing the victim was an Olympic sport, these people would be gold medalists,” said another.

Truman received less than 2% of the vote in the primary in 2022, according to Ballotpedia. She’s running again in 2024.

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