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Philips has a handful of new connected health gadgets, including a $250 smartwatch

Can Philips’ new health system compete with the Apple Watch and FitBit?


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For years, Philips Healthcare has been one of the leaders of the industrial health equipment field, supplying hospitals with life saving equipment and diagnostics tools. With such a well respected history in health the company is now looking to expand into the consumer healthcare world, launching a series of wearable smart devices to help you live just a little longer.

The Personal Health Program is a health ecosystem that revolves around a number of smart devices, including a scale and blood pressure monitor, smartwatch, and smartphone app.

All of Philips smart devices send information to the company’s mobile app, allowing you to aggregate your health information in one place for you and your doctor to analyze. 

None of these devices are particularly unique in their own spaces, but what sets them apart is the system’s singular focus on health. 

The Philips smartwatch doesn’t have apps or games, or bells and whistles of any sort. Instead of talking to you it simply offers up a wide range of health metrics like your heart rate, sleep activity, and step counting. In exchange for a flashy interface, the company promises a higher rate of accuracy in tracking your health than their competitors, for a price of $250. 

The smart scale, which tracks BMI, and a duo of blood pressure cuffs for either the upper or wrist, are all priced in the $100 range, and all are available today. 

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