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Disappointingly logical conclusion throws cold water on ‘non-human’ remains frenzy after Congress’ UFO hearing

People who want to believe won’t like the answer.


David Covucci


X was atwitter yesterday, when a series of UFO whistleblowers testified before Congress, making a number of astounding claims about the possibility Earth has been visited by aliens.

It’s impossible to say which assertion was the boldest or the most shocking—one alleged murders have been committed to keep the news from the public—but the fact that the U.S. may have alien remains certainly raised a lot of eyebrows.

What are non-human biologics?

In an exchange with Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), whistleblower David Grusch, who kickstarted the most recent frenzy, said that “non-human biologic” remains had been recovered.

That seems pretty damning and frightening. What could something “non-human” be, that’s still a formerly living biological entity, that came from a spacecraft, other than aliens?

Well, the way Grusch phrased it raised more than a few eyebrows from people who noted that there are some very logical possibilities.

At the onset of the space program, Russia and the U.S. both sent animals into space before attempting the process with humans.

The remains recovered—Gursch did not give a timeframe—could very well be unreported crashes from animal test flights by the U.S. or Russia when they were testing whether space travel was safe for humans.

There’s actually been a lot more animals in space than you may think. The U.S. sent monkeys in 1949 and also fired a mouse off the planet. The Soviets put rabbits, frogs, and guinea pigs in the heavens, while France sent a rat and a cat. Other nations have put similar fauna into rockets and blasted them past the stratosphere.

“I love this bc it can literally mean we own some soviet aircraft that had a dog in it. The US has some Russian rocket and a dog corpse,” wrote one person.

“What if the nonhuman pilot was just like a dog or something?” asked someone.

“My money is on them waiting for the current political headlines to cool off before admitting it was just an experimental chimp pilot or Laika the Russian space dog,” added another.

It’s also true that all of Grusch’s testimony comes secondhand. He didn’t witness any non-human biologics himself but was just told they existed by someone who, he believes, saw it.

So while the internet hoped for aliens—and it’s still possible that Earth was visited by extraterrestrials—it’s just as possible that, given the very specific phrasing, the U.S. is holding half a burnt-out chimp in a freezer somewhere in Area 51.

But a month after Grusch’s testimony, no one has provided an actual answer.

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