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Mike Huckabee: The real Russian meddling is in my butt

Huckabee’s bad Twitter jokes are back!


Andrew Wyrich


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tries really hard to be funny on Twitter.

He’s joked about the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch and Democratic reactions to it, made a racist joke about North Korean people eating dogs, and once joked that CNN would create a social media platform called “FakeBook.”

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also tweeted racist things about Mexicans and Mexican-Americans on Cinco de Mayo, and was criticized for making a transphobic joke.

Very riveting stuff.

On Thursday, the former governor decided he’d crack a joke about the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election—just hours after new court documents showed Special Counsel Robert Mueller had authority to investigate whether President Donald Trump‘s campaign chairman Paul Manafort was “colluding with Russian government officials.”

This isn’t the first time Huckabee has decided that the investigation was joke-fodder (one time he joked about eating Russian salad dressing). But he decided to do it again on Thursday–this time with a hint of both butt and Michael Jackson humor on the side.

“Had a colonoscopy today. My doctor was actually Russian. Now THAT is what I call RUSSIAN MEDDLING! They put me to sleep w/ same stuff Michael Jackon used. When I woke up, I MOON-walked right out of the hospital!” he wrote.


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