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Ocasio-Cortez invited Megan Rapinoe to tour the House of Representatives

Rapinoe accepted the invitation.


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U.S. Women’s Soccer star Megan Rapinoe is definitely not going to the White House (so stop asking her), but she may be going to tour the House of Representatives. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez extended an invitation to Rapinoe on Twitter, Friday night. 

“It may not be the White House, but we’d be happy to welcome @mPinoe & the entire #USWMNT for a tour of the House of Representatives anytime they’d like,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

About an hour after Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet, Rapinoe accepted the invitation. 

“Consider it done,” Rapinoe replied. 

The exchange comes after Rapinoe’s comments about refusing to visit the White House, which went viral last week.

When asked if she was excited for a tour of the White House, Rapinoe responded, “I’m not going to the fucking White House.”

She later stood by her comments–minus the expletive–when asked about it again at another press conference.

“I don’t think that I would want to go and I would encourage my teammates to think hard about lending that platform or having that co-opted by an administration that doesn’t feel the same way, that doesn’t fight for the same things that we fight for,” Rapinoe reiterated.

Even though Ocasio-Cortez received some backlash from those who thought she undermining the president, the majority of people are excited about the idea of the two power women hanging out together.

The president, who promptly responded to Rapinoe’s original comments about refusing to visit the White House, hasn’t commented on the exchange yet. But many are anticipating a tweetstorm in no time. 


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