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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend goes public on main

When to do a social post confirming a relationship is a question even a congressperson must ask.


David Covucci


One of the biggest struggles in modern-day dating is how to go public with your new relationship on social media.

Do you post on the grid, where engagement these days is limited but permanence is assured (a risky plausibility for most any new relationship)? Do you soft launch with a story, a sly photo of a new person’s hand in yours, indicating there’s someone in the picture (who is in the picture)? The ephemeralness is nice, unless you’re worried about the metaphor that might send.

And do you tag, allowing friends and followers to go on their own journey through the person’s posts and tagged pictures, which all of us internet sleuths are guilty of?

These dilemmas are especially magnified when you’re a public figure of massive interest.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) new boyfriend is Brian Glenn, the director of programming at Right Side Broadcasting Network. Although their relationship has been reported and speculated on, he finally chose to go on main, with an Instagram about a resort tour the couple took, adding a tag in the caption.

He also shared the post on Twitter.

“Enjoyed a tour of the new resort, The McLemore in Walker County, GA. It’s one of the nation’s top 100 golf courses. When completed it’ll be an amazing destination with the most stunning views. Looking forward to returning with this one in 2024. @mtgreenee.”

Glenn’s already published a number of images and videos with Greene, but in his capacity as a journalist. Greene, for her part, made it clear that this was a dating image and not a work pic.

“Love living life with you” she responded, adding a heart emoji. The question is should she herself have gone on main, offering a reciprocal indication of their love?

Perhaps, but perhaps not. Greene is by far the more high-profile of the two, and any tagging she may have done on her main feed could open up him up to all sorts of nasty vitriol that no one would want as part of their new relationship.

Even her reply was hit with some insulting comments.

But although she did not drop a pic of her man on main, Greene did also reply to his post on Instagram with the same comment, adding a layer of cross-platform seriousness to the relationship.

Greene did not share the photograph on Instagram, either, though.

The picture doesn’t just help clear up her relationship status. It might solve some of the biggest misinformation floating around about Greene.

The open-toed sandal pic shared reveals she does, in fact, have all five toes.

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