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Starbucks addicts can now earn free coffee by taking a Lyft

Like Uber for coffee.


AJ Dellinger


These days, doing almost anything can net you a free latte. 

A new partnership between Starbucks and Lyft will provide the on-demand ride service’s users with points in the coffee company’s loyalty program.

The multi-year agreement between the companies will give drivers of the mustache-clad vehicles the option to become My Starbucks Rewards gold members, which offers a free drink or food item for every 12 stars acquired, a personalized gold card, and additional offers available only to gold members. Achieving gold status usually requires collecting 30 stars in a 12 month period.

For the riders, the deal will provide free stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program. They will also be able to tip drivers in the currency of Starbucks stars. You shouldn’t let that feature prevent you from tipping cash or think that it’s in any way a replacement for it, though; you wouldn’t leave a Starbucks gift card as a tip at a restaurant.

The deal marks another foray into tech for Starbucks, which recently partnered with Spotify to give users of the streaming music service opportunities to shape the playlists played in Starbucks locations. The partnership will also provide listeners with opportunities to earn Starbucks stars. 

An additional partnership with the New York Times will reward subscribers of the the Gray Lady with stars in the rewards program.

If you really want to strike it Starbucks rich, play music from Spotify in your Lyft and keep the day’s copy of the New York Times available in the front seat for riders to read. You’ll be wired off of free triple-shot espressos in no time.

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