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LG’s new Signature 4k TV is as thin as four credit cards

You can’t fit it in your wallet, though.


AJ Dellinger


At CES 2016, LG unveiled its line of Signature products, a premium line of modern gadgets with unique design and technology. While its boxy, bulky washing machine and refrigerator filled space on stage with their mass, LG’s new OLED television stood out for the exact opposite reason.

The Korean company slimmed down the display’s thickness to just 2.57 millimeters—”as thin as just four stacked credit cards,” according to Senior Marketing Leader David VanderWaal. It follows the principles of the company’s Signature design, which is to “Eliminate the unnecessary.” Much of the back panel on previous designs were deemed unneeded, as LG has tucked the components at the bottom of the unit and used just the super thin glass sheet to display the image.

Photo via LG

The display sits atop a speaker system that functions as a stand, since the display with next to no width didn’t leave much room to place the audio output elsewhere. It’s like a built-in soundbar, providing built-in speakers and additional woofers. The speakers can also be folded behind the glass back to provide a wall mount. 

As far as what you’ll see on the TV, LG’s OLED technology utilizes the “power of black” to project images. OLED can express the “deepest black” and control light bleeding to ensure the image displayed is highly accurate. VanderWaal claimed the TV is capable of display one billion rich colors.


LG brought out plenty of people to endorse its new UHD-certified TV’s abilities, including Harmonic—the video delivery company partnering with NASA to create UHD content—and the Senior Vice President of Dolby, who talked up the Signature TV’s ability to implement Dolby Vision and its high-dynamic-range imaging. LG’s creation is among the first displays to include the Dolby Vision technology. 

LG will offer four new series of the 4K OLED TV—eight models in total—ranging from 55-, 65-, and 77-inches. All of the new models will include Dolby Vision and UHD certification. The company is also partnering with content providers to get more video capable of utilizing the display technology through its WebOS-powered Smart TV platform.

Photo via LG

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