Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

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Lauren Boebert demands someone explain to her why peeing in public is legal in D.C.—it isn’t

She's p*ssed.


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Posted on Mar 29, 2023   Updated on Mar 30, 2023, 8:58 am CDT

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) is being ridiculed online after unleashing an error-ridden tirade regarding urine during a hearing at the Capitol, about the nation’s capital, on Wednesday.

The hearing, held by House Republicans to address issues in the District of Columbia, saw Boebert accusing city councilman Charles Allen of attempting to legalize public urination.

“In November of 2022, you led the charge to reform D.C.’s crime laws,” Boebert said. “And these charges, these changes, are now law here in D.C., correct?”

Yet despite Boebert’s insistence that he revised D.C.’s criminal code to allow for public peeing, Allen noted that the conservative politician’s claims were actually false.

“No, those are not the law,” Allen responded.

The hearing came in the wake of President Joe Biden’s decision to sign a bill overturning the D.C. city council’s reform efforts, which were criticized for being lax on crime by House Republicans.

After a back-and-forth in which she continued to stress the matter, Boebert again asked Allen whether he had removed any laws that criminalized certain activities, such as peeing in public.

“Mr. Allen, did you or did you not decriminalize public urination in Washington, D.C.?” Boebert asked.

As Allen repeatedly denied the congresswoman’s charges, Boebert responded by altering her questions.

“Did you lead the charge to decriminalize public urination in Washington, D.C.?” Boebert also asked.

A reply of “no” from Allen once again did little to deter Boebert.

“Did you ever vote in favor of decriminalizing public urination in Washington, D.C.?” Boebert added.

Allen was able to eventually explain that “the revised criminal code that was passed by the council” kept public urination as a criminal offense at the mayor’s request and that Allen voted to keep it a crime. He did not delve into whether he discussed potentially decriminalizing it.

Regardless, with Congress’ successful overturning of the reform, whatever laws were proposed are now off the books.

Even with the explanation, Boebert pushed further.

“We have records that show that you were in favor of removing that criminal offense and allowing public urination,” Boebert insisted.

“No,” Allen said in response.

The display quickly made its way to social media, where users mocked Boebert’s attempt to accuse the councilman of legalizing the expulsion of human pee in public spaces.

Some users on Twitter described the event as a “clown show” while others called the line of question nothing more than an “embarrassment.”

Either way, it doesn’t appear that Boebert was able to get to the bottom of her pee problem.

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*First Published: Mar 29, 2023, 2:15 pm CDT